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March 28, 2011

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Chad Vaughn, a two-time Olympian and member of Team Again Faster, offers some Olympic-lifting tips to Games competitors at the Again Faster Summit. His athletes include top women in the 2010 Games, such as Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Jessica Pamanian, Michelle Kinney and Heather Bergeron, as well as 2011 Games hopefuls such as Kevin Montoya.

Vaughn’s first concern is the snatch set-up. He widens stances and grips to create more efficiency in the lifts. To find the correct width of grip, Vaughn has Kinney hold the bar in a high-hang position.

“Bend over—there’s a perfect little pocket there. If you hit any lower than that, you’re going to go against the leg, and it’s going to cause it to go way out and around, so it’s very inefficient,” he says.

Vaughn also fine-tunes Kevin Montoya’s back position on the set-up.

“Your back was pretty much parallel to the floor. What does that mean? When you lift that bar from the floor, all that weight is on that back and not the legs. You’ve got to get the butt down a little bit to get a better distribution on the legs between the legs and the back,” he says.

To keep Montoya from lifting his hips too early, Vaughn has him slow down the lift.

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Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: Burg’s Eye View No. 1 by Mike Burgener, published Nov. 3, 2010.

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19 Comments on “Weightlifting with Chad Vaughn”


wrote …

Great Video!


wrote …

Love Vaughn. I did olympic lifting on a team at my university for some time and no one ever told me to widen my grip on the snatch. I have bruises on my hip from hitting the bar so much; my snatches would always swing out in front. Now that I finally know why that's happening this is going to make my snatches way smoother. Thanks! Now I just have to get used to overhead squatting with a wider grip.


Michael Garrett wrote …

great coaching vaughn! excited to see more the again faster summit series!


wrote …

Looks like fun.


wrote …

Awesome stuff Chad...It was a pleasure to meet you at the summit, keep up the great work man!


wrote …

Any particular reason why the swoosh on Austin's Romaleos was censored?


wrote …

Awesome coaching Chad. I like the video edit as well...showed all the coaching. Thanks.


Perhaps the new deal Crossfit has with Reebok?


Benjamin Eseroma wrote …

Chad is great. He works with me on oly at centex. This guy has improved a lot of my movements. Good Job Chad.


wrote …

Awesome stuff!


wrote …

great video, going to be watching this a few times for sure


wrote …

Censorship for the win!


wrote …

I love the way he forces the lifters to simplify what they are thinking about. I know I think way to much and I definitely be focusing on less during the lift.


replied to comment from James Galon

Actually, the practice of blanking-out or otherwise obscuring company logos on film is called "Greeking." I have no idea why it's called that, but it's done all the time. Next time you watch anything on the food network, pay attention to how many product labels you see - almost none, unless the product is a sponsor.

"Censorship" implies the suppression of ideas or opinions, so unless you believe that Austin was fervently trying to proclaim his never-ending support of the Nike way of life, I'd say that it's not exactly accurate to call it "censorship."


wrote …

That video alone is worth the year subscription to the CF Journal. That was excellent. Thanks!


wrote …

Good info.


wrote …

My PR went up 25 pounds just from watching this video.

Thank You


wrote …

This guy is a great teacher. I would love to see more from him.


wrote …

Awesome tips Chad,hope to see more videos from you

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