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The CrossFit Games Open in Their Own Words: Week 1 by Various - CrossFit Journal

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March 31, 2011

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“There were a lot of rumors going around that the first workout was going to be Fran; I’m glad it’s not,” said Pat, a 27-year old Boston-area CrossFitter, when he saw first workout for the CrossFit Games Open. Along with three other athletes, Pat will be recording his experience with each week of the Open for Again Faster.

Workout 11.1 was deceivingly difficult: complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of 30 double-unders and 15 power snatches (75/55 lb.).

The opening workout tested these four CrossFitters in different ways. One athlete, Yosh, let his ambition take control and ended up completing the workout four times in one week. Unfortunately, Yosh wasn’t happy with any of his four attempts and fell short of his goal of 6 rounds. He vows to limit himself to one attempt on Workout 11.2.

Pat had a more positive experience with the multiple-attempt strategy. On his third effort, he got a solid 353 reps, tying 2010 CrossFit Games champ Graham Holmberg. Jason, a CrossFit Southie member since December 2010, also found success with multiple attempts. He was “psyched” with his final 231-rep result, a score 19 reps more than his first attempt.

Rounding out the group is Ron, a masters competitor who trains at CrossFit Fenway. On his second attempt, Ron added 30 reps to finish with 210. More impressive than his score, though, is the fact that Ron wakes up at 4:30 a.m. every day to CrossFit.

Video by Again Faster.

Additional video: Taking on the CrossFit Open Part 1.

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14 Comments on “The CrossFit Games Open in Their Own Words: Week 1”


wrote …

I hope this series goes for the whole games season. Whoever came up with this idea, pat yourself on the back.


wrote …

This is cool, really cool. Way to go hat-trick.


wrote …

Pretty neat to see the different viewpoints - I'm pulling for Ron!

One thing that really comes out of this is the "gametime" mentality. Knowing that you can do the WOD more than once is a psychological "out" when the going gets tough in your first attempt.

My advice - treat it like it IS a one time competition and have that mentality going in. That way you've got to go balls out AND it prepares you for an actual one-time-only comp.

I'd also suggest to all of these guys to keep doing the wods at a big venue - there's only one way to get better at doing WODs in front of a crowd and a judge you don't know... and that's by doing it! If you get into the next stages, that experience will pay huge dividends - especially if your competitors cringe under the spotlight.

Keep up the good work guys!


wrote …

loving the headband!


wrote …

Fantastic. Thank you!


Michael Miner wrote …

This was great.. Love the mix of people in here, lets get a few ladies to talk about the WOD as well. Keep these coming. Great Job.
"4 times on that wod..F%$%$k this WOD " line


wrote …

True gamers right there. That was pretty sweet to watch. I think their mentalities and reactions reflect a lot of us in our daily CF WODs.

Way to represent CF Southie, and remember that even though your didn't get what you wanted you're still a stud athlete. Go get the next one.


wrote …

Best line, "I'm wicked f@#king pumped, not sure if I can say pumped on here, you may have to edit that out." Great idea.


wrote …

Awesome video. Way to keep it real. Great job AF!


wrote …

When the dust settles, and the victors are crowned, many will proclaim that "The Open" was the best damn thing ever.


wrote …

This has to be one of the coolest videos I have seen in a while. I loved every second of it and could feel those guy's pain because we have all been there! Great work on the WOD, gentleman. You guys inspire me. Please keep up the good work.


wrote …

Love this video! Totally captures the shit that goes on in your head and the variety of athletes. Follow them!


wrote …

Most LOL segment to date inside the CFJ! Keep it coming!!!


wrote …

This is a really cool video format - AF is awesome.

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