Bring Your A-Game

By Kevin Daigle

In Competition

March 16, 2011

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CrossFitter and 2010 regionals competitor Kevin Daigle offers a few tips to first-time competitors as competition season approaches.

Competition is the fire in which character is forged. It’s also the crucible where weakness is overcome, enemies are defeated and victory is won with a resounding “how ya like me now?”

As it pertains to CrossFit, competition is also the ultimate expression of our community, and it’s at the heart of CrossFit and its continued growth. Since very early in my CrossFit career, it’s been my view that everyone should participate on some level in competition. In a way we do, as the competitive aspects of our beloved group-training model are in large part responsible for the movement we’ve created.

As the details of the 2011 Games season come out, it looks like the competition will be more accessible to more athletes than ever before. Clearly, new athletes are a little nervous to compete and have a lot of questions, especially because we’ve all seen the quintessential CrossFit badasses in thousands of competition videos and perhaps felt intimidated. We shouldn’t feel that way, though.

Here, I’ll provide some insight on how to go out there and be that badass—knee socks and inappropriate T-shirt optional.

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8 Comments on “Bring Your A-Game”


wrote …

About the Author...Daigle is a potty mouth and his language has no business being in a Free to Download article on the Journal. Kids read this stuff, or they should. Clean it up or be gone.


wrote …

Thx for the article and your insight Kevin.
Very cool moto piece, shoulda been released
4 weeks ago so I could have prepped for the Open better :)

Good job bro.


Justin Riley wrote …

Jeff, get over it on the potty mouth thing. We speak freely and write like we talk. It's the way it should be. I would bet money your kids curse their faces off when you're not around. It's way more fun when it means your breaking rules.

At Kevin, great article brother. This is the kind of stuff the masses need to hear on a regular basis. Listen to your coaches, participate in the sport, and get your game face on. Great writing on great topics.

Oh I also love the fact that all the pics are either at my box or were taken at my box. East Sac in the house baby!


wrote …

Thanks guys...It's already underway over here at CFNE and I'm loving every second of it, as are over 100 of our members! It kicks major ass!

Justin, I didn't choose the pictures that was all editorial on this one! Nice stuff though! You're 100% correct, I write how I speak...and well, that's CrossFit. I don't think much else needs to be said on the matter!


wrote …

bahahaha.... great writing kevin, loved reading your stuff since the days on the message boards. looking forward to reading more as this games season progresses...


replied to comment from Carter Jee

Carter! Nice to hear from you! That sure was a long time ago wasn't it? I really appreciate the compliment man, good luck in the opens.


wrote …

Kevin, great, great piece, your writing style and "it feels like you're speaking directly to me." Keep it up and hope to meet you soon as I train in Natick but just not at your box (yet..ha!)...


replied to comment from Darin St. George

Darin, thank you! Can't wait to meet you....Get your butt to CFNE! Greatest, most fun place to train on earth. Not to mention the best people!


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