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The Super Long Garage Gym Series: Part 1 by Dave Castro - CrossFit Journal

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March 30, 2011

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In our continuing saga spotlighting CrossFitters who train outside the box, this week we take a peek into the home of CrossFit HQ’s Director of Training. Dave Castro leads filmmaker Sevan Matossian on an tour of his very own garage gym.

In Part 1, Castro introduces us to the key elements of his gym, including the flooring and racks, plates and barbells, GHD and reverse-hyper machines, jump ropes and kettlebells, pull-up bar and rings, and even a mini rope for short climbs. Basically, you name it and he’s got it.

Castro explains the trial-and-error processes that led him to choose some of his gym’s features. The flooring prevents slipping on the concrete during split snatches, and diamond plating protects the base of the walls from bars bouncing into them.

“The thing is with my gym I like to have everything in its place, and everything’s here for a reason,” Castro says.

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Additional reading: Smart Shopping for Your Home Gym by Matthew Hall, published Sept. 9, 2009.

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26 Comments on “The Super Long Garage Gym Series: Part 1”


wrote …

Pretty Nice!


wrote …

That is awesome.


wrote …

Very nice. Your garage gym has come a loooooong way from the last time I worked out in your garage.


wrote …

hey sevan, luv your follow up questions !! thanx dave.


wrote …

OMG, just filled to the brim with awesomeness. I'm working my way towards at least some of that. I didn't know the Rogue Box was so versatile, now I feel dumb for having made one.


Jason Khalipa wrote …

I second what Sherwood said....It's really came a long way since I trained their.

Nice work

See you soon Dave


wrote …

Really sweet. But what about the setup Dave mentions outside, just before the abrupt end? Cliffhanger!


replied to comment from John Lyman

That's why this is called Part 1. I'm sure Part 2 will be the outside set up.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

DC, sick ass garage gym my brutha.

I MISS my days of having a garage gym!

Now I have a very high ceiling I hung a set of Rogue Wooden Rings up and will put a climbing rope as well, but, my kids have taken over the garage w/ a million and one things! ha ha

I think ALL of us should try and have some small get away gym, even if it means a pair of rings and a sandbag in the back of your car.

Owning your our gym is the shiz, but sometimes I like going back to the days of when I had NOTHING, and it reminds me where I came from and serves as a great way to escape from any distractions and noise.

Thnx for sharing Sevan and DC!



wrote …

Cool Gym Dave. Keep up the good training!


wrote …

Pimped out gym, way to snipe plates from NSWG-1 frogman.


wrote …

Zach, so freakin true man. I still have the pull-up bars in the garage from when we expended to the new box but nothing else. Sometimes I walk in there and just stand there and think about what it used to look like. As we grow and I get more equipment some will definitely be making its way back to where it belongs!


wrote …

Kristofer - We ran an extra set of these for Dave when we outfitted the SEAL training location. Assuming it is known that Dave is a Navy SEAL.

He has the only set outside of the NSWG-1 gym that Josh Everett runs, nice piece to have your garage!



wrote …

The videotographer was hilarious! I loved the way he kept breaking up the tour with his quirky questions and comments. Reminded me of Daily Show interview.


wrote …

nice gym dave. liked the added questions & side-notes. interested to see the outdoor set up.


wrote …

sweet setup, i would love to have something like that in my gym someday.

whats up with all the adidas he is wearing though, where are the zigs?


wrote …

I love the way Sevan makes fun of Dave. Even in the title!


wrote …

I think Dave and Sevan should have there own Reality TV show, shit would be Hilarious!!!!!


Dan Mielke wrote …

I love hearing Dave and Sevan go at it...


wrote …

"What's this?"
"It's for the water heater."


wrote …

Awesome gym! Set up nicely, the flow is perfect for the space and its well organized. I'll definitely be looking at this for some inspiration when I get around to building mine. Thanks guys for sharing this with us!


Jonathan Gray wrote …

Could that guy ask dumber questions? Just shut up and hold the camera.


wrote …

Does anyone know where he got those camo straps for his olympic rings? bad ass


wrote …

If anyone would know the answer to where u can find rubber kettle bells like the ones in the 2009 games that would really help out thanks.


replied to comment from Jonathan Gray

Exactly what I was thinking


wrote …

Sevan asks the best questions. Love his work.

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