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Planning for the Open by Karianne Dickson and Gregg Arsenuk - CrossFit Journal

Planning for the Open

By Karianne Dickson and Gregg Arsenuk

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March 01, 2011

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Karianne Dickson, owner of CrossFit Morristown, and Gregg Arsenuk, owner of Guerrilla Fitness/CrossFit Montclair, regularly talk to each other about business. So when the CrossFit Games Open was announced, they got together discuss how their gyms would participate in it.

Arsenuk’s gym, Guerrilla Fitness, hosted the 2010 New Jersey Sectional. From that experience, he knew he “could definitely use some help” hosting Open workouts. This year, he and Dickson are pooling together their equipment, resources and coaching staffs to host Open events.

Dickson and Arsenuk expect that a lot of people who don’t normally train at affiliates will show up to have their workouts validated. Because these athletes often train by themselves, they may not be used to having their reps checked for range of motion. Therefore, it’s important that the judges clarify the movement standards beforehand and enforce them fairly throughout the workout. Fortunately, CrossFit Morristown and Guerrilla Fitness’ coaching staffs are well trained and experienced.

In the end, both affiliate owners hope to create an atmosphere that’s competitive, exciting, professional and fun.

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Video by Again Faster.

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5 Comments on “Planning for the Open”


wrote …

I've watched more than a couple videos over last year where an affiliate owner has this idea that if you don't go to an affiliate you are a second class crossfitter. They act like a person working out on his own cannot possible learn the standards for each movement and is doing them wrong. That these standards and range of motions are foreign to most people. Range of motion and standards are simple principles used in every sport from the time kids start playing in organized sports. I think crossfit was founded with the idea you can do this anywhere, and the journal keeps showing us exceptional people working out in exceptional places. I hope some person comes from some hole in the wall place or "globo gym" and kicks your affiliate trained asses.



wrote …

I have been to both of those affiliates and can confidently say that they will run a fun, fair, and organized event. It is very cool to see the CF community stepping up and ensuring the road to the Games is an enjoyable one.

I realize that there will be literally hundreds/thousands of other affiliates around the globe hosting similar events that won't get to have a video on the CFJ or receive any publicity what so ever. Thank you all!


wrote …

Jared-I train and coach daily at GFCM, and I know Karianne pretty well. They are fair and honest people. You are so right to say that CrossFit was founded so that the movements and excercises and even the WODS could be done anywhere. With that being said, please understand that Gregg and Karianne are not setting the standard for the movements, CFHQ is, and have been since the inception of CrossFit. Gregg Arsenuk and Karianne just want to make sure each judge and athlete are aware of what is expected of them before each WOD. We do not think that someone who trains on their own or in their garage or backyard does not know the range of motions or priciples that comprise each excercise. We do not think they are stupid, nor do we treat them as second class citizens. In fact I think that anyone who trains on their own outside of an affiliate has even more discipline and courage than some affiliate trained CF'ers. I hope every CF box out there that hosts the sectionals are strict with their judging so that the absolute best athletes show up in Cali to take a shot at the title. And personally I would love to see some no-name bad-ass CF'er show up every year and sweep every event.


replied to comment from jared canter

Lighten up Francis.

If your ROM is good then no need to get your BVDs all bundled.

I know several monsters that WOD on their own or at Globo gyms and they come into our affiliate every now and then and hold court. On the flip side we have guys that train at affiliates that haven't hit a squat below parallel since Jesus was a corporal in the Army. It goes both ways.

I do agree that if you've never seen yourself squat/snatch/clean or had someone watch you then you may be in for a rude awakening.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Very professional

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