CrossFit Kids and Teamwork

By Kevin Nichols

In Kids

March 29, 2011

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Kevin Nichols talks about how CrossFit Kids encourages young athletes to come together as a team.

Teamwork: the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal.

The CrossFit Kids program provides endless possibilities to teach young athletes about teamwork and working together to meet a goal. It also gives young athletes the opportunity to learn trust, risk taking, communication, problem solving and leadership.

Perhaps the best opportunity for young athletes to discover the power of teamwork is during the game. Young athletes want to win that game! They are driven by the desire to succeed. They are given a chance to lead and follow their peers, learning the kinds of communication skills, strategies and problem solving needed to achieve their goal of winning. Success helps kids develop the poise and confidence to tackle challenges inside and outside the gym. They have the opportunity to apply what worked in their game toward other any area that they wish to succeed in, be it academics, friendships or athletics.



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wrote …

Good article, Kevin!

Ironically, today one of the kids walked into class and asked if we could do a team workout today like the one we did last week. Kids love the team stuff and it is a great a teaching tool!


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Kevin keep doin what U do, bro!!!

Kids need this BIG time and traditional PE is horrible in most schools unless, it seems, the teacher is a CF Coach!

Keep kickin' ass, brutha!


wrote …

Teamwork, and ways to build it through workouts and games, is a great issue to address, and something that can come in handy not just for kids but also for people dealing with group conditioning for army, law enforcement, etc.

One problem though: the link from the article for the "cross the swamp" game is broken. Says it was removed by the user. Will this be back or is there someplace else we can look for it?



replied to comment from David Meverden

Here is the link to the video David. Sorry for the confusion.


replied to comment from Zach Even - Esh

Thanks Zach! I'm a huge fan of yours and was first inspired to get into CrossFit Kids when my buddy Noah from Wildcat CrossFit said, "You should check out Zach Even-Esh!" I appreciate all your videos and the work you do with the kids.


replied to comment from Steve Liberati

Thanks Steve! I love the stuff you do with your athletes at Steve's Club. The idea I got of Team Workouts came from following your website so thanks!

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