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By Rich Froning Jr.

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March 22, 2011

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“The atmosphere of a sectional or regional greatly prepares you for an event like the Games because the Games is just physically, you know, physically I can do three or four WODs a day and you know it’ll beat you up but not bad, but psychologically it takes a little bit of a toll of you,” says Rich Froning Jr., the second-place finisher at the 2010 CrossFit Games.

“You’ve got a hundred thousand eyes on you all the time. You know you give a hundred percent in the gym, but you give that extra, a little extra when you’re out there too,” he says.

Froning reflects on his experiences at the 2010 Games and plays back some of the highlights from his perspective. One of the more poignant moments was the rope climb of the final workout, where Froning struggled to find the technique to climb efficiently.

“It was frustrating, extremely frustrating,” he says. He has since added ropes at his gym and has developed the skill. “It’s CrossFit—you have to constantly tackle those things you’re not good at and get better at them.”

Froning, of course, is aiming to eradicate any weaknesses in hopes of winning the 2011 CrossFit Games.

“I want to win, you know. I don’t like to lose at anything I do,” Froning says.

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 144, originally aired Nov. 3, 2010.

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15 Comments on “Games Reflections”


Kyle Fyffe wrote …

Strong contender for the 2011 games. Just watched his attempt at the first open wod. Amazing.


wrote …

Really excited to see what this guy does at this years games. This is definitely one guy whose training I'd like to know more about.

Kyle, is there a video posted? I'd love to see him attack that first WOD. His score was sick.


wrote …

here ya go jordan

Rich is my favorite to win the games. Has heart, strength, and the skills to kill any wod.


wrote …

Rich is an amazing athlete and a serious threat to go all the way at the Games. He is also an extremely nice guy. I wish him nothing but the best.

Good luck, bro!


wrote …

Wow, unreal effort on the dubs/snatch workout. Good luck this year Rich!


wrote …

Rich is going to win this year!


wrote …

awesome video!


wrote …

Hilarious ending to that video!! :P

I also think Rich is a very serious contender for the games. If not for the rope climbs last year...


wrote …

Rich was at my L1 Cert in Hotlanta in Feb.

Super nice guy and can flat kill some double unders.

He's definitely the rabbit to chase this year.


wrote …

Hate to play favorites, but Rich is my pick for the 2011 Games. He's a quiet killer. And with all due respect to his lucky fiance, he's amazing to look at as well. :)


Jonathan Bundy wrote …

Great video. Games workout was super impressive: slow is smooth smooth is fast. Big props for including Lecrae as the DJ.


wrote …

What a bro! Huge Rich Froning fan!


wrote …

I have to stop watching these videos at work because all I can think about is my Crossfit workout in the evening and I get nothing done.
Go Rich, Im pulling for you.


Adrienne Weintz wrote …

I nominate Rich Froning Jr. as the sexiest man alive. Oh and good luck in the games too.


wrote …

Here's hoping for a showdown between Rich and Miko.

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