Sifting Through the Masses

By Greg Glassman

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March 09, 2011

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“Where there’s a will, there’s gonna be a way,” CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman says as he addresses equipment concerns about the 2011 CrossFit Games, including the CrossFit Games Open.

“I don’t think that any ordinary tool that can be a vehicle for expressing power should be excluded,” Glassman says. He says he encountered the same resistance with the first WODs using rings, which at the time were expensive, special-order equipment but have now become an integral part of CrossFit.

According to CrossFit’s founder, you can’t strip away the neurological components of CrossFit (coordination, accuracy, agility and balance) or basic CrossFit equipment and still get the results we desire. Training challenging movements is required to get fitter.

Answering a question about the video-submission procedures for the Open, Glassman announces HQ will use a community-based judging system.

“I think that as the time continues through the duration of this thing that our focus is going to be increasingly limited to a couple hundred people, and I’m going to have a hundred thousand of you out there (as) armchair kind of quarterbacks,” he says.

“I don’t see another way to do this,” Glassman concludes.

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This concept is awesome. Plus it gives all the form nazis that troll the mainsite wod demo videos something else to do (just kidding). I think it will raise the standard of form because now you have a whole community policing an event instead of one single judge. No more crappy burpees!!


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Peer reviewed workout submissions? Oh the irony!


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Just signed up for the CrossFit Games Open!
Bring the noise!


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I like the peer review of the video submissions. Great force multiplier concept.


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Clean up the language please!


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Coach , Just the Best !


wrote …

Swag. Post the first workout please.


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Thank you Coach..

He mentioned "throwing" quite a few times in this video. I wouldn't be surprised to see throwing in the Games somewhere! Good luck competitors.


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I'm assuming that there's a tight control on who submits the thumbs up/thumbs down. Looking at the game's website, you can register as a fan. Makes sense to limit the impact of robo-voting.

For the logistics, it really only falls down to the top 1000 men and women by the end. Better still, everyone with a stake in a particular region will also hone in on the 60 men and women in that region. Just reading the "post to comments" tells me we'll have no problem in guys and gals given their two cents here.

In that vein, I hope the website makes it a little easier by allowing two prong sorting. Say I want to look at only people in top 100 positions in my region, then sort by least votes to most. See, I don't need to vote on a video with the most votes, but maybe some guy in 50th place and no votes (yeah or nay) may need to have his video checked over. If I can't narrow the selection down to position or region, then I'm stuck looking at places 101 through 850 who never had a shot to begin with.

Off main topic, any wagers that either next year or the year after, all submissions must be accompanied by a video whether done an affiliate or not? Help remove the claims of bro-love from local affiliates. Coach kind of hinted that in his video with reference to proof not being there past the initial report.


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@ Matt S.
"Peer-review" as CF is calling for is nothing more the the referees in the press box during an NFL game deciding on a call challenged by a coach. This recent change in the NFL has balanced out human error.

@John M.
Coach is raw and uncut. That's why we love him.

@Charles A.
I like your idea for two prong voting. I'm sure HQ thought about that already. I don't think that adding video to next years affiliate requirements is going to change. The risk of de-affiliation is too high becuasing of cheating. Human error does occur, and will occur,thats why the peer-reiew concept makes perfect sense. Besides, who wants to come on last place at Regionals becuase of cheating. Only time will tell.


Throwing a baseball or football for speed or distance might be too preferential for North Americans and a javelin or discus would also be very technique-discriminating, so it might be better to make it a medicine ball or shotput or caber or log - something heavy and/or unusual. Any technique you want, one hand or two, just don't cross the line.

I'd like to see some kind of reliable force measuring device for striking. At least 10 punches and 10 kicks within 30 seconds. Any technique counts, but you have to strike it at least 20 times in 30 seconds. The average force determines the winner.


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I like the new concept, but I still STRONGLY disagree with the sledge hammer event. He tries to defend it by saying its a coordination aspect, but with that same logic, why not have a wod where people have to do AMRAP 360 between the legs dunks, or max home runs hit off a 90mph fastball... both require max coordination, speed, strength, power blah blah. He wont have that because not 1 of the people who have ever competed could do that dunk...


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I think the idea of using the videos isn't a terrible idea. I think overall it is going to bring down participation however. There may be a lot of people doing the WODs but I don't think there will be that many videos. If you are Joe Schmoe Crossfitter and you know you aren't going to make regionals then why would you bother asking someone to stand in for you, set up the camera and lighting, film it, upload it to your computer, upload to the net etc... Too much work for someone who has a 10 min Fran. That is going to hurt a lot of people who would have gone to a live sectional event and had the experience of a real competition. The whole "do it at an affiliate" thing is okay, but doesn't compare with a big ass sectional. I think in the future CrossFit will need to adopt what every other sport in the world does. Have national, and regional organizations that regulate competitions with qualified judges. Then people could qualify through city, state, and national competitions in order to get to the big show. Best of luck to all those competing this year.


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Bottom line...Have Fun! The need for over analyzing is absurd. If you have what it takes you will move on to the next week. KISS Keep it Simple Silly. Let your WOD time and performance do the talking. Best quote I have ever heard is "I would rather have ignorance on fire than brilliance on ice." The brilliance of everyone's comments is daunting. If you want a say in it, apply for a job at HQ. Otherwise, go have fun. You are blessed to have the physical body to perform these exercises. Be thankful and give it your all. Tomorrow is not promised.


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I'm totally down with this new concept and i competed in the last mountain sect. Regardless of the workout im with Tyler Elliot on this one just have fun, don't leave anything in the tank. YAAAAAA BURPEE's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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