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A CrossFit Affiliate in a Globo Gym by Allison Autrey - CrossFit Journal

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March 19, 2011

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Can you imagine running by the ellipticals on your 400-meter runs and weightlifting in the aerobics room? At the Sonora Sports and Fitness Center in Sonora, Calif., CrossFit is at home in the Globo Gym.

“You can teach CrossFit anywhere,” says Allison Autrey, the affiliate owner of CrossFit Sonora Sports and Fitness Center. She makes it work with minimal equipment, including just a few Olympic bars and medicine balls, with other resources drawn from the gym.

Previously a college soccer player, Autrey has had multiple surgeries on her knee and finds CrossFit as the best fit for her current sports program.

“That intense same type of workout that I would (get) on the soccer field, I can get it in the gym,” she says.

Her exposure to many coaches through her athletic career carries over into her CrossFit coaching.

“I am always looking for that one, you know, word or one thing that somebody does that makes a difference for me, and then I transfer that to other people,” she says.

“I love Allison. I think she is a great motivator, and she’s got people coming because she’s so supportive of everybody’s level,” says Dede Moreno, a CrossFit SSFC athlete.

According to Moreno, Autrey does a good job of reading her clients and pushing them accordingly.

“I’ve never been disappointed with one of my workouts,” Moreno says.

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Additional reading: Where I’ve Trained, What I’ve Learned by Russell Greene, published Dec. 27, 2010.

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17 Comments on “A CrossFit Affiliate in a Globo Gym”


Dan Mielke wrote …

We need to keep CrossFit out of Global Gyms...It's bad for the affiliates. I've heard all the arguements, but bottom line is that if a 24hr fitness starts having CrossFit classes...the value of CrossFit will diminish.


wrote …

or increase the value of it...

24 Hour Fitness CrossFit would need to match the experience at a local box. Some parts of that experience can be more easily matched than others but all of it together as a sum might prove impossible.

Yoga is offered at 24 HR but it doesn't stop people from wanting to go to their local independent yoga studios in town. Whether there is a difference or not, the customers that spend money at non-24 yoga classes perceive it and are willing to pay more money for it.


wrote …

I think it is "bad" for the globo gym and great for CrossFit. It is the GLOBO gym that better worry about their customers leaving the mundane global gym model and doing CrossFit 24-7. Great video. I am sure it is not an easy road to introduce CF within a globo gym model. A globo must be an affiliate to offer CrossFit classes on their premises, thus making them a part of our community..


replied to comment from Dan Mielke

Great Reebock shoes, Crossfit Classes at Globo Gyms, Zumba 9am, Crossfit 10am and Cardio blast at 11am, not good for affiliates when you can go to a globo gym for $19 dollars month, Now that crossfit set a precedent for globo gyms having crossfit what stops all Globo Gyms from doing CrossFit, Small boxes cant compete with that.


wrote …

I'm definitely not a fan of Globo Gym crossfit classes. I would hope that HQ would deny affiliation if it gets serious! Like Jacob said, small boxes can't compete with them.


replied to comment from jacob kilbride

Look what has happened with CrossFit over the past 5-10 years (the growth is astounding) is definitley competing with globo gyms and doing a great job.....but I do not think this should be the focus of our energy. We shoud focus on the idea of offering CrossFit in a place where people may have never seen or understood the benefits of working out in such a manner. Everyone has to start somewhere...and there has been amazing growth in these athletes who have been involved with CrossFit..(in a globo gym). Now they have been exposed...they are seeing results faster than any previous type of work they have done....a lot of these athletes are Masters swimmers, bikers, and triathletes.....and are seeing progress in other "sports". I know CrossFit encourages athletes to participate in "sport". Don't we want to share this amazing knowledge....don't we want to have people join the community...not exclude them. I know what CrossFit has done for me, you know too....if you have been doing it. We should not be scared of anything....we should be excited that CrossFit is reaching more and more individuals.

by the you really think I would charge $19/month for a CrossFit class????


wrote …

How can you say "CrossFit Affiliates" can't compete with Globo Gyms ? You realize, that they need to affiliate to offer CrossFit Classes ?

And what happens to the Globo Gym model when everybody is doing CrossFit and stops paying their Globo Gym fees ?

Am I missing something ? To me, it is the Globo Gym that is endangered and the CrossFIt Affiliate that is the predator.

We are here to make people more fit and the gyms with the best trainers will rise to the top, globo or not. CrossFitters will not except substandard training.


wrote …

I dont see why everyone thinks this is a bad idea! this is a great idea. When people see other members doing CrossFit and see that they are getting better real results they will want to join. They will realize what they are doing isnt working but CrossFit is. Plus after they steal all the members they can just buy the globo space and make it a full CrossFit box. Keep up the good work and getting the word out to anyone and every! Just like coach would want.


wrote …

Some very scared box owners posting here, it's the product you deliver not the location. Just as with the average CrossFit box, if u offer garbage service and products people will walk! I own a globo and and i am an affiliate owner. All of our clients used to be globo clients, now our housewives scare the hell out of all the beefcakes pumping iron downstairs. Its the greatest place to expose everyone to CrossFit, the product we deliver is CrossFit, not some dumbed down version. We have people bleeding, vomitting and setting PR's everyday, No excuses, No quitting. If you are concerned with the "image" of what a CrossFit affiliate should look like, then you are missing the point of CrossFit.


wrote …

I'm not an affiliate owner but I do teach Crossfit at a Globo gym and with great results. Currently all my clients are woman BTW and the guys are scared watching them bang out hang power cleans.


wrote …

I think some of the posters saying small boxes can't compete is the perception that if you have a $19 a month fee at a globo, Crossfit classes are included in that, so essentially people can get Crossfit for $19, which i'm sure isn't the case.

My thought was touched on by Michael Burg above. Its about the product, are you really running crossfit classes, or are you doing "crossfit like" workouts. What i mean by that, is for me, crossfit isn't just taking 2 or 3 different movements, smashing them together and timing it. Its about getting nasty, "Crossfit" means you can get down, get nasty, take your shirt off if you want, get chalk on everything, push your limits so hard that you have no choice but drop weights (not carefully lower them), which i think would be very difficult to do in most globo's. However, if you're an owner of a gym that has both, you make the rules so i don't see it being a problem, and a great way to expose more and more people to this. If you're a trainer in someone elses globo, and the owner doesn't really know what crossfit is, I think you would end up running "crossfit like" workouts, which i can see why people wouldn't want that image of Crossfit out.

I think the more you get people away from curls and a peck deck the better, nomatter how it happens.


replied to comment from jacob kilbride

A great trainer can compete with anything.


replied to comment from Allison Autrey

I don't think you can compare Global Gyms to Crossfit on a pricing basis. The Gym gives you access to the facility and its equipment only. No training; that costs extra. The Gym is equipment heavey and trainer light. CrossFit is just the opposite: equipment light and trainer heavey. A certain segment of the population will choose CrossFit over un-supervised use of equipment no matter where it is offered. Conversely, a large segment of the population will happily do low-intensity exercises on the equipment at their own speed, regardless if CrossFit is going on right next to them. They are too different, too independent of each other. Having CrossFit in the gym will attract a few people who are really keen. My prediction is that once the CrossFit group from the Gym gets big enough, they would go create their own box and split off from the Gym.


wrote …

Mr Wallace has an excellent point. The trainers in the Globo-Gym setting are normally woefully inexperienced and only know the weight machine circuit. But if you have even one certified trainer taking clients through a WOD, the clients WILL notice the difference. No trainer wants to make a career in the big gym system, every trainer wants her own box. If a trainer gets a good reputation at the Globo-gym, then leaves and takes her clients with her, that's how a solid box starts. I know of several CF coaches who did just that and now run incredible programs.

But I could be wrong.


wrote …

Wow. I used to work out there when I was 20 and living in Sonora. Sixteen years ago.


replied to comment from Allison Autrey

Allison, I totally agree with you. I am an affiliate in Germany (CrossFit Dresden). My "box" is located within my "globo gym".


wrote …

In my opinion, the serious Crossfitters will stay and the rest won't. A good trainer will build a good client base and they will follow no matter where the box is situated.

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