Celebrating Jack LaLanne

By Chris and Maribel LaLanne

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March 08, 2011

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“I am blessed to have the LaLanne name and really honored to continue that fitness legacy with the CrossFit method,” says Chris LaLanne, owner of LaLanne Fitness and grandnephew to the great Jack LaLanne, the health and fitness pioneer who recently passed away at age 96. Chris, his wife Maribel and their son celebrate Jack’s legacy at their San Francisco box.

“He was a pioneer godfather of fitness, and so he was just trying to just demonstrate that to do fitness or to become fit, you’re capable of doing anything. Your body is amazing,” Maribel says.

Jack LaLanne helped people help themselves, which is the same mission Chris and Maribel have taken up through LaLanne Fitness. He says the LaLanne name helps draw an older crowd, while CrossFit draws in younger athletes.

“I think Jack would be very proud of the growth of our community and to see us move on and expand and grow even bigger,” Chris says.

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 19 090112 by Neil Anderson, published Jan. 13, 2009.



8 Comments on “Celebrating Jack LaLanne”


wrote …

RIP Mr.Lalanne


Kevin Wood wrote …

A great video celebrating the life of Jack.


Andrew Benton wrote …

Wow. Well done, journal. This was an amazing tribute to a true badass.


wrote …

Jack is awesome. We will miss you.


wrote …

What an awesome video about an awesome man! God Bless Jack!!!


Josh Groves wrote …

Great video and tribute.

Those last words in the video should make it on to some gym walls!


wrote …

Jack LaLanne was sporting a 47 inch chest at a height of 5'7" - though that's an exaggeration, apparently; the height, not the chest. This is according to a great old SPORTS ILLUSTRATED article that made an impression on me years ago as a high schooler and which came to mind when I heard the news of his death.

Below is a link from the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Vault, (which is safe for work or family computers) written in 1981, from an edition bearing a picture of Bear Bryant on the cover. The height of Jack's TV fame was in the decades prior to this, and it's been some decades since this account, but it might provide a decent bridge to those times for younger CrossFitters.



wrote …

I met Jack in 1992 while attending a sporting goods trade show @ the World Congress Center in Atlanta, Ga. He was 77 yrs old then and looked great. He spoke about the evolution of the fitness business. He told me about his original weight machine designs which dominated the high school gyms and YMCA'S and health clubs of the 1950-60's. Jack introduced the cable pully machine, the leg extention machine and the smith machine. Jack was friends with Arthur Jones who later in the 1970's introduced the Nautilus Equipment. Robert Autry

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