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March 18, 2011

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A little over a year ago, Maura Brown entered Jason Khalipa’s affiliate, CrossFit Santa Clara, weighing 260 lb. She couldn’t do a single air squat, or hang from the pull-up bar. Since then, Maura has lost over 100 lb. and completely transformed herself.

“You watch over the past year just the transformation as an individual from someone who wasn’t as comfortable to now comfortable, happy, proud, strong,” Khalipa says.

CrossFit has helped Brown to, in her words, “live her life fuller every day.” She works as a fifth-grade teacher and instructs all subjects, including physical education. Through her experience with CrossFit, Brown now feels that she can be a “true example” for her students of how to live a healthy and active lifestyle. She’s even found ways to incorporate nutrition into math class.

Brown’s next step is competing in the CrossFit Games Open. She was originally planning to wait a year to compete. But, then she thought, why not do it this year to evaluate her fitness right now? And next year she knows she’ll be in even better shape.

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21 Comments on “From Losing 124 Pounds to the Open”


wrote …


You motivate me.



Dane Thomas wrote …

What a great attitude! Thanks for the inspiration!


Jason Khalipa wrote …

As I have told you before Maura. You truly inspire not only me but many other people.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your transformation.



wrote …


Your determination, perseverance, and positive energy is contagious! You are also giving your students a daily gift of truly caring about each of them. All the best to you this 2011 Games Season and in the future.


Kim Malz
South Glastonbury, CT


wrote …

Great story. Thanks for sharing Maura!


wrote …

Fantastic transformation Maura, hope you kick arse on the rest of the WODs.


Douglas McClure wrote …

That's an awesome video girl! Congratulations on your success, there's still more to come!

(I'll still bust ya butt on the ping pong though) Haha


wrote …


I'm proud to be hitting these Sectional WODs shoulder to shoulder with you!

See you at the box...and keep up the hard work!

Your boy,
- DH


wrote …

There are CrossFitters who will compete for the "Fittest on Earth." But there are also the rest of us (myself included). You absolutely represent what CrossFit is all about - the opportunity to make yourself a better person, every day, just because you want to - just because you crave it.

Thank you for your inspiration, motivation, and example.

Doug Profitt
Simi Valley, CA


wrote …


Truly inspirational!! Keep it up as you are an amazing example to your students. This goes to show anyone who thinks they can't do something or they're too out of shape, uncoordinated, too old, blah blah blah, your story just proves that CrossFit changes lives and mental thinking. Thank you for your story!


wrote …

Awesome work! You are teaching your students and everyone around you each day what can happen if you take control of your life and place the focus on being as healthy as you can be. That approach shows a strong mind as well as a strong body. The downstream side effects are a nice bonus!


wrote …

Great story!


wrote …


You make a great point... it doesn't matter how we do as compared to others...what matters is the personal progress that we make. I signed up despite not being able to do more than a 10 consecutive single rope jumps....forget about double-unders.

"Competing" along side the fire-breathers at our box (Crossfit Soul in Miami)... encouraging them & having them cheer me on is a true high for me. I am grateful to the CF family every day... saved my life...and that of my family.


wrote …

You rock Maura!!! I have lost 130 pounds myself - most of it by working with a crossfit coach who has helped me save my own life in so many ways. It is great to see a success story out there that so closely mirrors mine. I am impressed that you are doing to open workouts. Keep up the hard work!


wrote …

I felt so emotional listening and watching you!! I started my journey down this Crossfit road 4 1/2 months ago and feel your joy. I am 64 lbs down and am excited to see the challenges that await me.

You are an inspiration to me and everyone that can see what you are doing!!

Thank you!!

Walnut Crossfit


wrote …

Fantastic Maura! It was an honor to run with you for a bit at the San Jose 1/2 :)


wrote …

That was awesome, so proud of you Maura. You are an inspiration to all. Great job


wrote …

That is the essence of CrossFit, thanks Maura. Also, spot on form in your lifts!


wrote …

Maura - you are amazing and wonderful and totally inspirational! When do you do your Open WODs? It would be my pleasure and honor to cheer you through a WOD!!!!


wrote …

YEAH MAURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What CrossFit is all about :)


wrote …

Absolutely 100% what CrossFit is all about right there. Changing lives for the better and building monsters one rep at a time.

Makes all the petty bickering BS that occurs seem, well, petty.

Keep doin' work Maura! You should be proud.


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