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Meatza by Nick Massie - CrossFit Journal


By Nick Massie

In Nutrition, Videos

March 23, 2011

Video Article

This “pizza” substitutes a traditional flour crust for a crust of solid meat. The meatloaf-style base is smeared with tomato sauce, loaded with vegetables and topped with shrimp, homemade salsa and homemade mango guacamole to become a complete Zone-able meal.

True to the Paleo Diet, meatza forgoes all grains and dairy products.

“This is going to be cheese-less, but it’s going to taste good,” Massie says.

In Part 1, learn how to prepare meatza.

“This looks delicious. It’s a fork-and-knife job, obviously, but looks nice and crispy,” McKernan says.

In Part 2, Massie demonstrates how to prepare your own salsa and guacamole. The tomatillo salsa and guacamole round out the meatza and add a burst of sweet ’n’ spicy flavor.

Meatza recipe

Guacamole recipe

Part 1
10min 07sec

Part 2
4min 17sec

Additional reading: CFJ Issue 21: Zone Meal Plans by Greg Glassman, published May 1, 2004.

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Part 1:
Part 2:


34 Comments on “Meatza”


wrote …

Tank goodness this came out just before lunch.
My mouth was watering from the description alone.

Now I can watch it while I'm eating.


wrote …

WOW! Thanks you guys for the awesome idea, it looks very good.


wrote …

Easily one of the best videos of the year!!!!!


wrote …

Trying this tomorrow night.

And Nick is no relation as far as I know.


wrote …

Wow dude looks like a beast in the kitchen. Looks so delicious!


wrote …

i need to take some paleo cooking classes from nick! it's also good to see him using organic. i wish crossfit would put an emphasis on how important it is to eat organic.


wrote …

The Meatza is going to make an appearance in Perth very soon!! Nice work Nick!


replied to comment from Craig Massey

Every day I am amazed at what comes out of this Journal! Thanks Guy's, Coach, Tony and the whole community. Very impressive.

Hey Craig Massey, how ya doin? We partnered at the L1 at Brand X. How are things down under down under ? Glad to see you are still active on the sites.
Best regards .


wrote …

Meatza Time!


wrote …

There you are!

I'd wondered about you occasionally and wished I'd got (or kept if you gave it to me) your email address.

Hope things are going well with you.


wrote …

What brand of knives were you using?


wrote …

Great video but clearly Greg Hammond needs more air time! LOL This comment was in no way added by Greg himself. Thanks to Nick, Erik, Ro and Heber. 2nd best "work" trip only to a weekend spent at Travis Pastrana's house but this was way safer!


replied to comment from Craig Massey

Bro! Last name is actually Massie.


replied to comment from Richard Edwards

Glestain. You can find them and all other sorts of goodies at


wrote …

OK Guys That was Awesome!! great balance of humor and information. More MOre MORe MORE M O R E!!!!!
Peoria AZ


wrote …

Ok if I wasn't married Nick would you marry me!! Damn you can cook.


wrote …

Nice knife skills, Nick. Where did you learn to cook?


wrote …

These videos are excellent! Thanks!


wrote …

Made it for dinner was awesome. We used a ton of black olives for fat and skipped the guac. Great video and awesome dish. Thanks


wrote …

You are multi talented- from the box to the kitchen to hand making wooden rings! Excellent video. Meatza will be Sunday dinner.


Kevin Wood wrote …

Mmmm... Just finished off three slices for lunch today. What a delicious meal! Thanks for posting this!


wrote …

Nick is a wiz in the kitchen! You can tell it ain't his first rodeo. And i second what Lisa says... marry me? ;)


wrote …

what a great vid ! many thanx nick.


wrote …

FINALLY! 'Good for you' pizza. Thanks guys!


wrote …

Just made 6 pounds of this... my freezer is stuffed with turkey meatza lol


replied to comment from Jeff Reising

That is a good questions. It all started with washing dishes when I was fourteen. I've been cooking ever since. I attended culinary school in Denver and Hotel and Restaurant Management School in Anchorage, Alaska. I've worked in over 25 restaurants throughout the past 15 years. Although good mechanics, nutrition, sanitation and food science are learned in school, most real learning happens in the restaurant. It's practice, just like in CrossFit, that sets one cook apart from another. Like Glassman says, if you do anything daily for 5-7 years, you will become proficient and successful.
Thank you for your interest in my life!
Let me know if you have any other questions.
All the best,


wrote …

Tried this and it was awesome! Thanks!



wrote …

Nick awesome video
ill be using the stuff vie just seen
please do more !!



wrote …

You just need some bacon strips and you will be all set!


wrote …

One tasty meal, thank you for the video.


wrote …

I knew I wasn't crazy!!! I was looking all over for this video and now I want to make it. Can someone up at HQ please fix the error with the link to the recipe PDF. I'm about to go get this stuff and cook it from what I can see in the video.

Bobby B


wrote …

The recipe link is still broken, can this be corrected?


wrote …

Recipe link is STILL broken...PLEASE fix it!


wrote …

Is the hyperlink for the recipes not working for anyone else? Or is it just me - would really love to have the recipe!

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