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March 02, 2011

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Join HQ trainer Miranda Oldroyd as she visits CrossFit Brisbane and sits down to talk with owner and head trainer Matt Swift, his trainers and his athletes.

The athletes share how they found CrossFit and how it has affected their lives.

“I just like the challenge. I just like being able to achieve new things. And you know when I first turned up I couldn’t do a pull-up, and now I can do way more than I ever thought I could do,” says Monique, a member of CrossFit Brisbane.

Athletes and trainers alike describe CrossFit Brisbane as a close-knit community. For instance, as a CrossFit Brisbane athlete named Roger suffered through the burpees at the end of his birthday Filthy Fifty workout, he was joined by those who had finished before him.

“That level of camaraderie, brother- and sisterhood, is what epitomizes being here,” Roger says.

For a middle-aged man like Roger, the coaches made CrossFit more approachable.

“The biggest single change has been in my attitude because I came here using age as an excuse and wanted to hide behind the fact that I was older than most of the athletes in the box, and the coaches dismantled that strategy,” says Roger, nicknamed “The Fossil.”

But Roger embraces his nickname.

“The older a fossil gets, the harder it becomes,” he says.

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Additional reading: CrossFit Radio Weekend Edition 16 090606 by Dave Young, published June 8, 2009.

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23 Comments on “Visiting CrossFit Brisbane”


Darren Coughlan wrote …

Sorry Matt, You were actually the 4th, CrossFit Newcastle was the 3rd [had to throw that in ;) ].

CFBrisbane is a solid gym, looking forward to another visit soon!


wrote …

Its most likely a good thing there isn't a coffee shop attached to our box. Then I'd really NEVER leave the gym.


wrote …

Matt lead the cert I was on a few years back and I thought he was the best of the coaches with the most positive well rounded attitude.

He can also O lift very well for an old guy!


wrote …

Danny and Matt are legit!

It really is a great place.


wrote …

Great to see you on the Journal again Matt! I was lucky to spend a year in the 'Gong a few years ago and we crossed paths a few times and at my Level 1 in CFX. Everyone's comments about you are very accurate - a true inspiration!

Keep it up!!

(Canadian) Chris


wrote …

CF Brisbane and the entire crew there are top notch trainers and people. I have been there a of couple times and it is very obvious that they have a great community at their box.

Matt, good to see you crazy Aussies getting some coverage on the CFJ! Keep up the good work.


wrote …

I cannot wait to visit there later this month! Nothing like a week in Brisbane and doing some WOD's at a great box. Thanks for posting.


Matthew Swift wrote …

Sorry Daz,my bad. Actually we were 5th, Adam at CF Victoria was before me as well

Miranda, you are so funny, you crack me up. It is great seeing CFB people in the journal!


wrote …

Hi Matt,
Ian here from CF Yokohama. You were an instructor for my lvl 1 at CF New Zealand back in April 2010.
Great too see you're following your own "Hard'n up" prescription. Always an inspiration, and I hope you can come visit us in Japan sometime in the future!


wrote …

Go the Fossil!!!!


wrote …

Ditto to Rookies comment - go the fellow Fossil.
@ Nick - you are not allowed to call Matt an old guy - he refuses to age & your right he does lift pretty well; awesomely so in fact. Did the Oly lifting cert with Matt & Coach B instructing & watched him in action both as a coach & competitor - awesome at both


wrote …

Miranda, these names couldn't have been as tough as the ones you had to pronounce here in South Korea..


wrote …

Laugh out loud.
Miranda is finding her on camera persona.
If I'm ever in Brisbane, I'll drop in to Hard'nup at CF Brisbane.


wrote …

I was lucky to train at CFB for a few months back in '09 and its an amazing place. Matt and Danny are awesome coaches and I hope to one day be half as good as them, great bunch of people and amazing atmosphere in the place. I've been to a few Crossfit gyms around the world and Brisbane is probably the best one I've trained at and thats saying something,

Keep up the great work guys,
Irish Dave


wrote …

matt was the head coach at NZ( albany ) for level 1 certification 2010. he was a fantastic teacher.


wrote …


wrote …

I love this video! This is exactly how I picture a CF box to be. They had all levels of athletes working out together and that is what it should be! Looks like a very fun box! Miranda, very funny, nice job!


wrote …

Want to give a shout out to the camera man who helped out with this video....a true artist...Adrian Bozman.

Thanks Boz.



wrote …

Great to see CFB showcased so perfectly.
maybe a little biased here as Matt and the CFB crew have opened a new way of life and fitness for me! at 60 I can do things I could not at 20. Fossil is right.. age is not an excuse it is only a particular point in your lifes journey.
The CFB community is unbelievably strong , supportive and welcoming.

Thanks to all involved


wrote …

My sentiments exactly Helen. Excellent video - so grateful for everything Matt and Wendy and CFB have done for the CrossFit community.

Free burpees for everyone!


wrote …

CF Brisbane is a great model on how to run a successful CrossFit affiliate. I have been fortunate to have trained up at Brissy on more than a few occasions and Matt, Danny and their team are the upmost professionals and great athletes to boot. Being a fellow fossel I take inspiration from what Matt has achieved in the sport.


wrote …

A bit late too comment on this video, but this is the funniest box presentation ever. Now I want even more to go to Australia.


wrote …

...the first thing comes into my mind when I hear "Miranda"? Answer: SO CUTE!!

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