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March 10, 2011

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Paul Southern, owner of CrossFit Pleasanton, introduced a new element to the powerlifting and CrossFit communities when he hosted the Southern Powerlifting Federation’s 4-in-1 Powerlifting Event. This was the first powerlifting event with a sanctioned CrossFit division.

The division was created in part by Jesse Burdick of CrossFit Pleasanton, who is an Elite level powerlifter. Burdick has teamed up with Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell on CrossFit’s Powerlifting Seminars, runs the powerlifting program at CrossFit Pleasanton and also publishes a powerlifting workout of the day called PowerWOD.

After trying out their first powerlifting event last year, many CrossFit Pleasanton athletes were on board to compete again. With the help of other big names in the sport, Burdick started the CrossFit Powerlifting Division. His goal was “to make it a little bit more palatable for the CrossFit community to come out to the powerlifting meets, to be able to compete against themselves, get some actual lifts on the book as opposed to kind of gym lifts and hopefully in the future establish some national world records for the CrossFit division in powerlifting.”

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Additional reading: Unleash Your Power by Mike Warkentin, published Jan. 20, 2010.

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15 Comments on “CrossFit Powerlifting Division”


wrote …

This is pretty sweet. I can't wait to get in on one myself. I do think that this will be a good way to bridge gaps between various disciplines and allow people to see how much effort people are putting in to improving their fitness.


wrote …

I like this, but what qualifies one to be in the Crossfit division? To establish "the strongest" crossfitter, how do you prove that individual crossfits?

Soon enough a circuit will be born. Gymnastics, Oly, Power, Endurance, whatever. Compete in all events to qualify as a "Crossfitter". Then you'll see the strongest, best conditioned, most skilled, more specific crossfitter. Which is a veritable quandary in itself. Skilled crossfitter...


wrote …

Powerlifting is awesome. This stuff is great. There's no such thing as too much relative strength.


wrote …

I entered my first powerlifting meet this last December at Unparalleled/CrossFit Twenty in Moose Jaw, SK. Everyone there was so nice, welcoming and very helpful. A couple of the judges, Ryan Stinn and and Ryan Fowler, did a mock judged lift for all of us new lifters in the warm up area in advance so we knew what to expect and what the cues are and Rhea Fowler helped us figure out our warm ups and starting lifts. It was not at all an intimidating environment and seeing what some of the experienced powerlifters could do was amazing! It was a great experience to train for and compete in and I'm really glad I did it (even managed to qualify for Nationals). I'm looking forward to competing at Provincials in the fall and would recommend to any CrossFitter who's interested in competing in a powerlifting meet to go for it. Definitely a worthwhile experience.

Leya Moore (sorry Mike! - borrowing the hubby's journal account)


wrote …

This is awesome. Very exciting.


wrote …



Sean Villagracia wrote …

I love crossfit, but there is definitely a burning want in me to get much stronger. The powerlifting/crossfit connect that can happen here has got me psyched!


wrote …

I love CrossFit! To introduce a mix of both CrossFit workouts and Powerlifting for strength would be fantastic! I'm all for that!


replied to comment from Chris Craig

Very funny, but very true. Where will it end?


wrote …

Love it! The USA Powerlifting Federation (USAPL) has welcomed CrossFit with open arms. Our Raw division is perfect for CF lifters who want a drug tested, competitive experience. At the recent Navy Open held at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis MD, CrossFit women placed 1 and 2 in the Raw division!


wrote …

It is very cool to see so many different communities and athletes working out together and having a blast doing it. Where will it end? Who knows. As long as people are enjoying themselves, building community and being physically active then I think it is great.


"I like this, but what qualifies one to be in the Crossfit division? To establish "the strongest" crossfitter, how do you prove that individual Crossfits?"

Chris, In the first meet, the CrossFit division was a raw division that was composed of local CrossFitters that were known to the other participants. We want to include a 4th exercise that is a Metcon with some things that express overall fitness: running/rowing, Clean & Jerk, Pull-ups. That will show who is CrossFit and who is just strong and sandbagging in the category.


wrote …

Yes! I would love to have this happen. Ever since I watched the Olympic Weightlifting/Crossfit event I've wanted to have something like this especially if it is something that is as large of scale as the Olympic Weightlifting event. Cannot wait for some powerlifting and Crossfit events!


wrote …

I'm not sure just a 4th event (as Paul said) to show who is a Crossfitter, will be enough to legitimately clarify a Crossfit category. I agree with Paul that you could call all most of the sanbagers with a well designed metcon, but it seems to me you will have to have certain standards across a number of domains and workouts that must be met in order to qualify for the Crossfit category, considering the ultimate goal is to have a legit Crossfit category and establish National and World records for that division. Pretty cool concept.


wrote …

Sounds cool, when they talked about divisions, but at the end when he said make a 4th event that is just stupid. Powerlifting is powerlifting there are 3 events the Squat, the Bench Press, and the Deadlift. Adding some olympic lift or gymnastic event is just so stupid. Just like in an Olympic Lifting Meet there are 2 lifts thats it.

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