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School of Fitness: Part 2 by Emily Beers - CrossFit Journal

School of Fitness: Part 2

By Emily Beers

In Affiliation

March 30, 2011

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In Part 2 of this two-part series, Emily Beers explains how CrossFit Vancouver is creating fitness professionals.

What if you’re a CrossFit affiliate owner and you’re growing rapidly? You’re an incredibly proficient coach, your business model is sound and your ducks are in a row, but the other CrossFit coaches at your gym are inexperienced. They might be competent CrossFitters and good people, but they’re not quite yet experts in their field. This is the situation Craig Patterson of CrossFit Vancouver found himself in a couple of years ago.

So Patterson turned his affiliate into a registered vocational school for fitness coaches. But the fact his affiliate is now a regulated school doesn’t mean he rejects the free market. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive, he explains.

Patterson remains a whole-hearted believer in economic openness. He continues to believe Greg Glassman is a genius. He is still a strong advocate of the CrossFit Level 1 seminar, a pre-requisite to becoming an apprentice coach at his school. He doesn’t want massive regulation in the fitness industry. He’s not trying to create the fitness-trainer equivalent to “sleep experts” and “vehicle consultants.”

What he is trying to do is to create knowledgeable, technically sound and experienced coaches, coaches who can go out into the world and become entrepreneurs. What he is trying to do is professionalize the fitness industry.

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4 Comments on “School of Fitness: Part 2”


wrote …

Great Job Eunice

You captured it perfectly

Shout out to all the early affiliates....CF Central, CF LA, CF Mount Baker, CF Pickardy, CF Norcal, Cf Ann Arbour, CF Kids, CF Santa Cruz

We used to help each other out every has been too long fellas

Hope to see you all in Montana

Love Life



wrote …

This is awesome! I've always been scared of Crossfit going "main stream" and getting a negative image because of shitty trainers. It's been happening, we've all seen it. You would think with the seminars being $1000 a pop that level 1, and not so much level 2, graduates would aspire to be great at representing not only themselves but crossfit, their product! Mr. Patterson's School of Fitness will help revolutionize the fitness industry and become the standard of what a fitness professional will be. Screw ACSM and ACE and all those other "schools". I see this being huge and I want a piece of the action haha. I hope it makes its way to the states so I can take part in it. This is awesome news!


wrote …

Great Work Em, as always! And a big thanks to Patty for making it possible.



wrote …

"Penetanguishene has a population of only 6,300" is incorrect. I'ts definately over 10,000 by now. Just a small thing that caught my eye!!

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