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Coach by Sevan Matossian - CrossFit Journal


By Sevan Matossian

In CrossFit, HD Videos

March 14, 2011

Video Article

Ever wondered what it’s like to run CrossFit Inc.?

For four years, Sevan Matossian has wanted to make a film about the professional and personal daily life of CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman. Coach finally acquiesced, and Sevan recently spent several weeks with him.

According to Coach Glassman, he spends his day “with attorneys and accountants and key staff, operations folks, and trying to encourage the good ideas and discourage the bad ones.”

In this video, he shares his passion for training and for the CrossFit community. He reveals some personal interests in life and the initiatives he wants CrossFit and Reebok to undertake in the future. Follow Coach Glassman from seminars in the community to meetings with his staff and Reebok representatives to life at home with his family and his dog.

“We are caretakers for a spontaneous movement, and we’re really like Forest Service employees rather than architects of high-rises. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon, a spontaneous collaborative community that you all have launched,” Glassman says. “Staff and I, we do our best to serve it and maintain it.”

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Additional reading: What Is CrossFit? by Greg Glassman, published Mar. 1, 2004.

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93 Comments on “Coach”


wrote …

Fucking cool... Thanks, Coach.


wrote …

Cool video!

Thanks Coach and Sevan.



wrote …

I've been waiting for this, for a long time.

"fittest fat f!$&$ on earth" - this made me laugh out loud, for a while.


wrote …

I REALLY enjoyed this! thanks coach!


wrote …

Great piece Sevan! I'm trying the back roll to support tomorrow - nice job Jordan.


wrote …

That was awesome.

Coach, you're a liar. You do a hell of a lot more than spending your day “with attorneys and accountants and key staff, operations folks, and trying to encourage the good ideas and discourage the bad ones.” I didn't realise how much more.

From this I get a much better understanding of where Coach is coming from, where he wants CrossFit to go and who he is.

Very valuable.

Thank-you Sevan and thank-you for for allowing Sevan to follow you around Coach.


wrote …

Coach, thank you for all you do. All I know is that it's more than any of us realize.

Sevan, great work as usual.


wrote …

Count me in as another one who is definitely going to give the back roll to support a go tomorrow.


wrote …

Amazing piece...thanks seven and thank you coach...just awesome to get a little insight into the visionary that has changed and shaped so many of our lives...appreciate you coach!


wrote …

Great video, I'm sure this didn't even show the half of it!


wrote …

Beautifully done piece, I really enjoyed watching this! Coach - Thank you for your vision and leadership. I am so grateful for CrossFit, and like countless others, we owe it all to you.

Greg & Mallee Amundson


wrote …

excellent video. its special to have this much insight into the life of the visionary who has effected so much positive change on the world and in my life. many thanks.


wrote …

Very interesting video. I like it, but it leaves me asking more questions. :)


Jaime Arashiro wrote …

CF is changing lifes beyond languages, cultures and countries. Muchas gracias Coach.


wrote …

Coach, thanks for showing us how it's done....again.

Sevan, Ninja.


Paul Southern wrote …



wrote …

This is awesome! Thanks Coach and well done Sevan!


wrote …

Coach, you truly are an inspiration to all of us fitness professionals (Crossfitters). Great video well. I hope to strive make Crossfit bigger and better around me, and to make it understandable to all views of community.


wrote …

One of the best videos I've seen on the Journal,

Thanks Coach


James Byerly wrote …

Thanks for sharing! Good stuff!


wrote …

Phenomenal. Thank you for sharing.


wrote …

Great video. Enjoyed every second of it. Thanks


wrote …

Thanks Coach for sharing so much of yourself with all of us.

Nothing but love -Cherie


Kevin Suttmoeller wrote …

I'm grateful to be a part of it. Thanks Coach! Great job Sevan.


wrote …

Coach, thanks for this glimpse into your world. Legions of us can relate a story of being inexplicably drawn to what you and yours created before we fully knew what it was--for some, it was a casual page turn through a magazine followed by an epiphany--others might have been shepherded by "beggars showing another where they found bread." Regardless of how we came to CrossFit, we all feel a sense of being part of something larger than ourselves, in the process of becoming. And yet, in the moments of toil or teaching, it is an insular experience that occurs day in and out in garages, parks, and boxes around the world. The fact that we share these experiences are the ties that bind. What a gift you and yours have given us.

I'm so grateful to serve.


wrote …

Really Great Coach, your changing the way people think about fitness


wrote …

Mr Glassman Sir, you get what you give in life in the long term I think, you give a lot. Thank you very much.


wrote …

Thanks Coach for having started our community and for everything you do!

Awesome video Sevan.


wrote …

Thanks, Coach ... for your work, for being as you are ... you have given me a lot, a lot more of being fit ... for what I am so grateful to you ... THANKS!!


wrote …

Sevan- those were amazing shots outside Coach Glassman's house with the camera set up to the sky going from day to night!! Breathtaking!! I'd love to hear about who Coach goes to when he needs a step back and an objective perspective on things when everything gets on top and you can't see the wood for the trees. All in all some serious time management must go on there for Coach...hope there's some further installments on this great innovator!


wrote …

What a great gift you have in your children. Continue to be their Dad, they will never forget. It is one of the few things you will have at the end that really matter. Great vid.



wrote …


You rock.


I want a big shiny watch now...


wrote …

Thank you for the glimpse.


wrote …

Thank- you Coach for letting us peek into your life. Thank-you Sevan for making this project happen. I'm constantly humbled every time I interact with people from this community; this video was no exception.


Bill Ellsworth wrote …

Sevan knows how to find his subject! Great job by the filmer and filmee. Always interesting to get a peek at success. Thank you.


wrote …

Thx Coach for this thing we call CrossFit. Will always remember.


Ashley Denton wrote …

Great video. I think this is exactly what the community needs to see. Thank you!


wrote …

Sevan! Baby Tristan thanks you for putting him into the video! Thanks bro, he will appreciate as much as I do when he's a little older :)


wrote …

Thank you so much for sharing! Love our CrossFit Community!


wrote …

Very cool to see all this (just the 4 min clip so far) . I'm curious if anyone knows what type of revenue CFHQ generates per year? I'm guessing between all the certs and affiliate fees its close to 12mil ballpark.I wouldnt be shocked if it doubles each year for the next few years.


Kevin Wood wrote …

Very cool to see 'the other side'. Thanks for sharing this video!


wrote …

Thanks for all Mr. Glassman ,Coach ,I am so glad and thankfull of beaing part of this great revolution called Crossfit even so far down ,here in Chile.


Iulian Musat wrote …

I start to understand why an how Crossfit managed to be a whole lot more than just a strength and conditioning program.

Thank you Coach !


wrote …

Great piece! Loved the discussion on Infant Swim Resource (ISR). As a parent that has put a child through this program, with great success, I'm also a believer in it's effectiveness. Looking forward to seeing further expansion on the "initiatives" discussed!


Hollis Molloy wrote …

Great to see Coach doing his thing. Inspirational.

Nice work Sevan.


wrote …

Great video!


wrote …

The video couldn't have come at a better time. The day the Open Qualifier begins our Coach/Leader gives us a glimpse and candid view of the grind.

Thanks Coach


John Weiss wrote …

Thanks Coach, for all you have done and continue to do, for this phenomenal community, that you and your team have created.

Sevan, nice work.


Stephen Hubbard wrote …

1. This is an absolutely amazing video of an absolutely amazing man. While I love the crossfit workouts, I think that I love how I have learned to think about fitness and life from what I have seen of Coach (and KStarr and Pat and Matt Chan and Spealer). Their insights make me realize how fundamentally entwined fitness is to a quality mental life.

2. I know that this is getting very personal and this video already explores the inner life of a private man, but I was hoping you could tell me about Coach's injury that causes him to walk with a limp. Maybe it has been explained elsewhere, if so, please point me to it. I think my desire to know about it comes from the urge to know more about someone I consider to be a roll model.


wrote …

Great video. Thank you Coach. I am so grateful for CrossFit and appreciate everything you continue to do for the community. Your continuous work has allowed so many of us to do things we never thought possible both personally and professionally. B & I will never be able to thank you enough.

Sevan, awesome work as always!


wrote …

long overdue piece..great job Sevan


wrote …

That was by far the most motivtional video I have seen yet! Coach, your passion is contagious, your insight is amazing, and you have changed lives forever. I am just sad that the video wasn't 2 hours long!!! Thank you for letting us into your life, THIS is why I love CrossFit. Todd from CrossFit Grit


wrote …

Awesomeness! Makes me proud to be affiliated with CrossFit and such a great human being. Thank you Coach for doing what you do. I owe the career of a lifetime to you.


Thanks Coach!
All i can say is you do way more than you say, its so appreciated!
I'm glad to have met yu and become a CrossFitter!
I think I speak for everyone when I say, honestly, if you Ever need anything just call, say the word and it's done!


wrote …

Cannot thank you enough for everything you have done. This glimpse, as small as it may be, is absolutely powerful. Honored to be able to contribute....
a favorite quote
“All the right things, for all the right people, for all the right reasons.”

Sevan...I agree with Chuck, pure Ninja! well done sir!


wrote …

Thanks a lot Coach! Loved the hilarious reference to the topless pullup picture.

Also, thanks a lot for your words on ring training. I've been looking for good ways to train some of those things and had never thought of using barbells and dumbells. I'm on that right away. I'm also gonna try a reverse roll to support.

Too soon to ask for part 2?


wrote …

Awesome Vid - great insight - Thank you Coach and all involved. Thank you for Crossfit and all that it brings!


wrote …

Coach and Sevan 2012 !

Not sure how you put up with Sevan...

Viva la Crossfit



wrote …

Lovely piece. Coach Glassman's initiative ideas and his passionate interest in ISR are really inspiring. It's a great reminder that the good we can do in our gyms only begins with virtuosic training. Hey Coach, you've really created a force for good in the world. Thank you for your efforts.


wrote …

Great piece. Really enjoyed the insight into Coach's daily life. Thanks for everything!


wrote …

Awesome video. Very cool to take a behind the scenes look, after 40 minutes I was definately wanting more.


wrote …

thanks for sharing a day in the life of coach and some. very cool and inspirational in so many ways.
well shot sevan.


wrote …

made me shed a tear...very inspiring! Regarding the section where coach discusses hard work, I thought of the following quote.

Struggle is not an option, it is a biological requirement-Daniel Coyle


wrote …

I loved the part about good students and good athletes needing that extra little push. That is a passion of mine and I think that CrossFit provides an awesome platform to help those that are willing to put forth the effort. Thanks for the glimps Coach, and thanks for the providing me with the platform and tools to help ohters.


wrote …

Interesting and motivating piece. With the swimming articles in the CF Journal, Coach's interest in youth water safety, and other hints on the website, I am looking forward to the first workout with swimming in the Games. It shouldn't take people by surprise.


wrote …

This is why I subscribe to the journal. Love it.


wrote …

nothing like a man who can put his life on film and bring us into his world even when he is in the middle of building one of the if not the biggest fitness revolutions ever! thanks Coach and Sevan very cool video!


Jason Khalipa wrote …

Thank you for everything Coach! To explain what Crossfit has done for me would take a loooonnnggg time, so "everything" will do.

Thank you again.


wrote …

Great video!

Thanks, Coach.


wrote …

Great video.


wrote …

Incredible energy and open conversation with everyone. Thank you Coach for sharing your Crossfit life with us.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

very cool, would love to see more :)

I dig the Tundra!!

Coach is in a tough spot, so much going on so fast and being the center of it all, props to him for not folding under all the pressure and his ability to kick ass

I'm sure there are plenty of tough time and negative times where he needs to spin them and make them positive

Coach is an interesting dude to say the least, ha ha

thnx bruddahs for filming and sharing



wrote …

Very nice.
Coach rocks.
Dude inspires me to be a better athlete and trainer...and by extension, a better person.


wrote …

Very Cool!!!

A better trainer I will become!


wrote …



wrote …

there's a lot of things going on with CrossFit behind the scenes, looks like a bright and exciting future!!! lot of hard work on the side of hq, thanks for all you guys and gals do! thanks coach for all your hard work and sacrifice, you've turned shit upside down and shook it up. glad to be a part of something so awesome.

much appreciated video. thanks for sharing.

Kankakee, IL


Ian Carver wrote …

Great piece and insight into Coach. Thanks for everything you've done for this community and fitness as a whole.

I gotta ask though, where's Athena?


wrote …

Great video, gives me a new perspective.

Does anyone happen to know what model Toyota Tundra Coach is driving?


wrote …

Pure Awesome!

Thanks Coach!!!


wrote …

does Coach only go to shops and bars where there are smoking hot assistants?


wrote …

How can you not like a guy who loves dogs like that? ;-)

Nicely done, Sevan!


wrote …

Thank you Coach Glassman (and Sevan). Great piece. My favorite part was Coach coaching and feeling his excitement seeing his athlete "get it." You get a clear sense that it remains his true passion and the rest just flows from that passion.


wrote …

coach is just a real guy and and has a real message.


wrote …

Awesome getting a glimpse into Coach's mind. The man espouses bits of wisdom in every appearance and I've been grateful for every bit I've picked up over the years.

Thank you, Coach.

And Sevan just brings out that trust factor in everyone and gets great candid footage! Keep it up please.



wrote …

I'm sure there was some good in there somewhere, but I was too distracted by all the cursing to see it. Not exactly who I would pick as a role model.



wrote …

Great Stuff. Wish I could have explained the reason I asked that dumb question, but it provided laughs nonetheless. Coach, you are an amazing man, its been a pleasure to meet and spend time with you.

John Parrish....good thing he doesn't worry about impressing others.


wrote …

Like everyone else, what can I say: Coach Glassman simply rocks! Many of us will forever owe a great debt of gratitude for everything you have provided to the human species. Seriously; I belive it's that "all-encompassing"!!!! Merci! Although I can still disagree with some stuff in there (in total respect), there is simply NO denying what everything you have done has to offer...


wrote …

I am new to Crossfit- 3 months but already love it- I am also an ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) Instructor here in CA and have been teaching Drowning Prevention Lessons for over 4 years. I can't even say how excited I was to have 6 students register with me BECAUSE they have seen this video. I am proud of teaching ISR to children and I am proud to be a member of Crossfit.

Thrilled to see 2 programs I am passionate about, support each other. Thank you for sponsoring an Instructor Training and promoting Drowning Prevention.

Katie Reisender
ISR Instructor


wrote …

You can tell Coach thinks at a different level then most people which is how he makes this all so successful. One of my favorite Journal pieces ever. Very entertaining, thank you.


wrote …

Coach, I was lucky enough to get my L1 from you and your original HQ crew 5 short years ago. Insightful, inspirational and creative as ever. Thank you for this look into your day and for bringing us Crossfit.


wrote …

He dropped 3 F bombs in the first 2 minutes. Looks like an old out of shape drunk to me, smart but what a pathetic example for Crossfit.


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

You're right Matt. He really gives CrossFit a bad image.


Craig Teich wrote …

Great video. Really enjoyed the behind-the-scenes access, which for me further reinforces the fundamental open-source heritage of the CrossFit movement, and the concept of focusing on being great at helping people.

As far as the Matt's of the world are concerned . . . [shakes head sadly].

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