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March 12, 2011

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In this new series, HQ trainer Pat Sherwood is searching the CrossFit community for real people with real stories to share. In Part 5, Sherwood is back in Denver and accompanies Matt Chan of CrossFit Verve to the tattoo parlor, where he finds his next community spotlight: Josh.

Josh is a CrossFitter at CrossFit Verve who is somewhat of a local CrossFit tattoo celebrity. He admits he was abusing himself before he found CrossFit.

“I definitely just kind of got into the routine of working all day long, eating once or twice when I had the time in-between tattoos and then going out at night, drinking as much as I possibly could, maybe at four in the morning run to Jack in the Box, and then sleep till noon. Then straight back to work,” he says. “I did that for about 10 years.”

After finding CrossFit, Josh says the diet was the biggest change—and the most difficult.

“Most of the time I feel like I’m trying to quit smoking crack or something,” Josh says.

Chan says Josh’s commitment to dialing in his diet has taken him to the next level as a CrossFitter.

Sherwood says: “That doesn’t matter where you work—it could be a police station, could be the accountant’s office, could be a tattoo shop—if you’re the one eating healthy, everyone else ridicules you for eating healthy, and it was no different here. But he put up with all that … and is still sticking with it, so that’s really, really cool.”

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 121 by Justin Judkins, originally aired May 26, 2010.

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10 Comments on “Sherwood Chronicles: Community Part 5 ”


wrote …

What's the name of Josh's shop? would love to start going there for future ink.


wrote …

Pat - one of the best ones yet. I love it. Keep them coming, please.


wrote …

Great story with great points.

Firt, tats are cool!

Second, as Matt said, food is one of the hardest things to change for most people (i.e. me!)

Third, even though it's hard, diet is SO important. Not just to CrossFitting and athletic performance, but to general long term health. Stories about people fighting that fight, at an everyday level, not just from people who are fighting to win the Games, is so relatable and motivating!

Great Video!!


wrote …

So awesome, keep making these please!


wrote …

Josh is not only an extremely talented artist and a dedicated CrossFitter, but he is truly a solid human being. Thanks for letting the community hear your story, Josh!


wrote …

Pat these are so cool!

My favorite part of CrossFit is the diversity and ability to bring every willing human aboard our ship.

Love me some Josh Wrede! Amazing guy, artist and now athlete.

Cheers Cherie


wrote …


You are incredible and I still love my tattoo! Glad to see you are still CrossFitting with Matt and Cherie!

Maybe we will see you again sometime!



wrote …

Google shows Josh working out of a studio at Bound By Design which is at 1332 E Colfax (Colfax and Humboldt / Lafayette). I got my first (my only one so far but I'll definitely be getting more) tatto at Bound By Design awhile back before Josh was there. They're good people so I'm sure Josh fits in well. I always try to support CrossFitter owned or CrossFit supporting companies (think Reebok now) so my next tat will be with Josh.

@ Pat...was the video supposed to end at mid-pumpkin bread-sentence like that (at 11:03)?


replied to comment from Aaron Brill

Aaron, I feel like I need to apologize to Josh and the entire CF Community. That interview was not my best work with the camera! I'm still learning and I have a long way to go. Luckily, the CF media department is a talented group of ninjas that do their very best to take the random, shaky footage I send in and somehow make it into a video people can watch.


wrote …

JWrede is a great guy to spend countless hours with. Great conversation, loud angy music, and lots of laughs. Best of all he does damn good work. The owner of Bound By Design, Patrick, is also a committed CrossFitter. Good people.

Great vid Pat - keep 'em coming.

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