The Spealler Warm-Up

By Chris Spealler

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March 16, 2011

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At the Rogue Vs. Again Faster Throwdown held in Lake Tahoe, Calif., Chris Spealler had the chance to coach at CrossFit Avalanche. In this video, he leads the group through his signature warm-up.

Starting with the arms, Spealler has the group perform circles, swings and twists with their bodies as dynamic stretching. He warms up the athletes’ hips and includes “boot strappers” to work squatting flexibility.

“If you feel any popping or clicking, ignore it. It’s totally normal, OK?” Spealler says.

After stretching, he has the athletes perform partner wall-ball throws and partner handstand practice to further warm up their shoulders in preparation for their workout.

9min 38sec

Additional reading: Skill-Based Warmups for Groups by Tony Budding, published Sept. 1, 2006.



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wrote …

what was the workout for the group that day?


wrote …

I think this is it, not sure, don't think i've seen this video.


wrote …

Ah, at last. Thanks, Chris!


wrote …


wrote …

I like the warm-up, but would you proceed directly for a WOD after this warm-up or still do the "official CrossFit warmup" (squats, siups, back ext, pullups, dips) after losening everything up?


wrote …

I was there. It was great having Chris and Miranda coach us that day. Kris Cleaver killed it on the WOD. The WOD we did was the following:

2 rounds
30 yard overhead lunges with 45#
30 Ab-Mat Situps
30 Double Unders
30 Air Squats
30 Burpees
My time 12:09

I stayed with Kris Cleaver for the first round and then she blew everyone away... and she was using the men's weight.


wrote …

Yes!! Finally! The Spealler warm up! He has been keeping this a secret for YEARS!!!!


wrote …



wrote …

Oh man! I've heard so much about this!



wrote …

Nice warm-up.


wrote …

I am going to officially stop using the phrase "that was the real deal" and switch to the "speal deal" like that warm up was the speal deal. Another gret video!


wrote …

This literally changed my life! Now all we need is a video of EC trying to imitate Chris doing it and my life will be complete!

In all seriousness, I'm the type of person that benefits from a good warm up, and this one is excellent.


wrote …

The "Speal Deal" is going viral i'm sure. Good stuff Bryan!! Anyone want to fathom what the official "Speal Deal" WOD would look like??


wrote …

With his wrestling background, i'd say the "speal deal" wod is an AMRAP in 15 of handstand walk 20 yards, 10 burpees w/ lateral jump over bar and roll back under, 5 rope climbs and/or old school peg board. Just a guess but i'd say that wod would be the "speal deal"

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