Strength and Character

By Mike Warkentin

In Athletes, Competition

March 11, 2011

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Mike Warkentin explains how one athlete overcomes a mis-load to put forth an impressive CrossFit performance.

The bar came off the floor funny.

Even from across the gym, it didn’t look right when Tyson Takasaki pulled his first deadlift in the Intergalactic Throwdown. One side came up faster than the other, and when Takasaki locked it out, the bar wasn’t horizontal.

It looked strange, but after competitors did three rounds of 30 double-unders, 20 chest-to-bar pull-ups and 10 burpees, I didn’t expect 10 deadlifts at 315 to look pretty, even from the guy who had won all the events on his way to overall victory in another throwdown a few weeks prior.

On the next set, the bar looked better, so I figured Tyson had recovered and was moving the weight better. He certainly wasn’t slowed down by the 10 185-lb. clean and jerks that concluded the workout.

Takasaki finished the workout in 11:40 and was the only person to do so.

And then his judge told me we had a problem.



6 Comments on “Strength and Character”


wrote …

Well done


wrote …

" back's a little tight..."

And the rest of us couldn't get out of bed in the morning!


wrote …

Tyson - you are prtty inspiring on a number of levels. Props from CVI!


wrote …

That sort of character is what defines this community, well done Tyson.


wrote …

Man...tremendous performance and qualities as a person and competitor. Thanks for sharing the story Mike.


wrote …

I remember Tyson from last year's sectionals and regionals... beastly for sure and seems like he's getting better! Well done - impressive resolve to re-do a crusher like that WOD.

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