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Starting Striking by George Ryan - CrossFit Journal

Starting Striking

By George Ryan

In Coaching, Combatives, Videos

March 06, 2011

Video Article

CrossFit Striking is a new specialty course offered through This course has been developed by Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame inductee and LAPD SWAT Team member George Ryan to incorporate striking movements into CrossFit workouts.

In this video, Ryan explains the progression for adding striking to your workouts and describes how to choose the right equipment, including focus mitts and a punching bag.

“If you are interested in learning how to strike a heavy bag and you desire to put that in part of your workout, you need to start with learning proper technique,” he says.

The progression starts with shadow boxing to learn technique, then utilizes focus mitts, and finally moves on to the heavy punching bag.

The technique Ryan teaches for the fighting stance is open and forward.

“For CrossFit Striking or in a self-protection scenario, you want to be more open because you need to be delivering offensive pressure on the bag, on the pad-holder or your adversary,” Ryan says.

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Additional reading: Got Striking? by George Ryan, published Dec. 29, 2010.

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15 Comments on “Starting Striking”


wrote …

this looks exciting, cant wait till it is offerd near NY


wrote …

I went to the "Beta" Striking Course, down at the University of San Diego. I can't speak more highly of George. He is an awesome instructor. The learning curve during the 2-day course was exponential. Even my two friends, who were already doing MMA, got a lot out of this coarse. Ultimately, punching and kicking hard are just two more athletic skills that everyone needs to know.


wrote …

good stuff, more please.!


Frank DiMeo wrote …

George, we're looking forward to training with you this
weekend at CrossFit Gulf Coast!


wrote …

In this video when George talks about the fighting stance, he briefly explains some differences between real world self defense scenarios and sport. I think that this is a very interesting topic, I can't wait to hear more.


wrote …

As a CF level 1 trainer and Krav maga level 1 instructor, i can see some similarities between your style and Krav.Not knocking you in anyway mate,just saying it looks good and would be effective! We have started to do self defense classes at the gym i train at and i would like to attend one of the CF striking classes some time in the future. Are they any plans to bring it to the Pacific NW?


wrote …

cool cool stuff... all good crossfitters should learn the basics to self and the poretection of loved ones. this and tonys spear combo'd is a great 1-2 punch.

look into thai boxing, jeet kune do, krav maga, spear.


wrote …

George, my wife Mallee and I REALLY enjoyed attending the CrossFit Striking course. We have already implemented the CrossFit striking techniques you taught into our own martial arts practice, and the training of our athletes. Thank you for all you have done for the CrossFit and the Law Enforcement communities. I look forward to this awesome series in the Journal!


wrote …

I attended the first full-out Striking certification course, and have to say it was incredible. George is an excellent instructor for CF trainers to learn from...he gets what we do and how to incorporate Striking in a way that makes sense for CrossFitters. We are setting up heavy bags, pad gloves and kick pads now at our box and the buzz is great. There are always questions about introducing something new, and we will continue to see that on and the journal as crossFitters sound off, but as someone who has worked to incorporate striking into what we do in CrossFit, I can honestly say it's a hugely beneficial addition. The rotational movement alone adds an element that CrossFit needs more of, and the way George pulled this together will allow all of our athletes to achieve a fighter's fitness without an opponent other than their own WOD results :-). Thanks George for introducing something new that fits CrossFit like a glove.


wrote …

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the kind words. You are too kind. It is an honor to teach the CrossFit Striking Trainer Course because I really believe in its content.
Be Safe and Godspeed!


wrote …

This was truly a great specialty cert, George is a fantastic instructor. I hope there is a level 2 on the way. I have programmed some striking into my work out regimine already and I feel it is just what I needed for a good change up. I had a great time and a wonderful group of people to enjoy it with! Thank you George!

-Shaun Eagen


wrote …

This looks great! Don't forget to come overseas George, enough LEO's and MMA fighters over here who would want to follow this cert! I know I would.


wrote …

I was fortunate enough to attend the innagural Striking Cert. This is some of the most fun I've ever had at a certification. George is not only one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, but is a true expert in the field. He doesn't miss anything and he has a great way of teaching the movments.

As a former boxer, I already knew the benefits of training as a fighter and I knew that my workouts were as intense as CrossFit workouts. I was super excited to see CrossFit HQ see the value in incorporating these movements to increase fitness. The workouts we did with George (Striking Helen and one he made up) were some of the toughest workouts I've done.

Adding this powerful rotational movement had me using muscles that I felt had been somewhat neglected. I see that striking incorporated as a fitness tool for CrossFit is extremely valuable and will be introducing it at my box in Virginia over the next few weeks.

Thanks George for all your dedication!


wrote …

This is great! I would love to know more about how to incorporate striking a heavy bag or whatever into a crossfit wod.


victor sellinger wrote …

Finally! Crossfit and garage gyms all need a line of heavy bags no question about it!

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