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March 27, 2011

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“I can’t help it if I get nervous,” says Jessica Pamanian, fourth-place finisher at the 2010 CrossFit Games. She’s in Key West, Fla. to compete in the 2011 CrossFit Games Open. Meeting her in Mallory Square is Tom Rowland, a CrossFitter and host of the television show Saltwater Experience. The two share a passion for food and CrossFit.

Rowland says he was a wrestler in school and found himself in an athletic rut 10 years after finishing. Knowing only wrestling training, he was at a loss as to how to improve his fitness, so he turned to running marathons. The results weren’t as positive as he had hoped they would be.

“I think it really hurt me because I suffered a really unacceptable loss of muscle mass and I got really weak,” he says. CrossFit has helped him rebuild his fitness.

In a picturesque location, Rowland and Pamanian take on the first workout of the Open, finishing with 307 and 308 reps, respectively. Although Tom completed nine snatches in the last round, the judges reviewed the video and determined that he had missed two double-unders, so his final score ended up at 307 total reps.

“I don’t think that I am going to make it to the Games, but that’s not the purpose of competing online,” Rowland says. “Competing online for me or in the Open is about learning and getting better.”

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11 Comments on “Taking on the CrossFit Games Open: Part 1 ”


Diego Lopez wrote …

Been watching Tom's show for a few years now. Had no idea he did crossfit. Good stuff.


wrote …

The Street Performer at the end was money--I want to hear more of what HE had to say.


wrote …

Awesome video. I just got my butt kicked by a 42 year old man and a girl. Thanks for the motivation Crossfit.

That placed looked so warm... why the heck do I live in Canada.


wrote …

Great video! I also agree with Chris above. Would love to follow "a day in the life" of the street performer.


wrote …

Good stuff


Ian Mehr wrote …

Jessica and Tom, I'm a huge Key West fan, so this vid was a ton of fun. Where is the Cuban Coffee Shop you visited? I didn't recognize it, but clearly need to hit it on my next trip down!


wrote …

Sevan, great work as usual.

Jessica, you are a stud. I look forward to watching you perform at the Games. Also, I really liked your attitude about the Open and Regional WODs when you basically said....if I don't earn my spot then I don't belong there. That is a very cool attitude.

Tom, it is always cool to learn about another CF'er. Great job on the wod. Both of you crushed my score!


wrote …

I didn't realize Tom was a Crossfitter either. I love his show.


wrote …

Great work Sevan! I loved how you incorporated the street performer, and it was cool that his thoughts about health and fitness were right on track with our community.


wrote …

Loved it!! Great work Sevan! And another vote for the street performer.
Now i have another place in the world for my "to visit" list.


wrote …

OMG YES more of the Street Performer!!!! I want a day in the life profile on that guy - and see if perhaps he gets more out of some Crossfit training! He does parkour already - maybe he wants to train or help others train CF too!

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