From the CrossFit Games to Pregnancy

By Valeria MacKenzie Voboril

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March 13, 2011

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Valerie MacKenzie Voboril bounced back after a disappointing finish at the 2009 CrossFit Games to come in third in 2010.

This year, she’s taking on a different challenge: MacKenzie Voboril is six months pregnant, and the fourth-grade teacher is CrossFitting through her pregnancy. She’s still lifting heavy, though she’s confining herself to sub-maximal weights. Even with her pregnancy, MacKenzie Voboril beats some of the other athletes at Dogtown CrossFit, the Culver City, Calif., gym where she trains.

The baby’s due this summer, so Val won’t be competing in the 2011 CrossFit Games finals. The 2012 Games may be a different story, though.

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7 Comments on “From the CrossFit Games to Pregnancy”


wrote …

I had the pleasure of being Val's training partner during the Kettlebell Trainer Course in January at CF San Diego. She is one of the most humble bad-asses I've ever met. Can't wait to see her make a run for the title in 2012!

Best of luck from your carpool buddy!


wrote …

ValPal! you look amazing!


wrote …

I would like to know what her OB thinks about this?

I've trained alot of women pregnant over the years, recently their OBs are putting the fear of God in them, don't lift more than 15 lbs and just walk on the treadmill even with highly fit women going into pregnancy. If they're older, then its 2 lb limit as they are considered high risk. It's over the top fear of a lawsuit panic with these docs.

I give her credit for sticking with it.


wrote …

In my days as a competitive kayaker, I saw many top athletes exercise until the last day. One was an olympic winner and world champion. heck, she won a kayak marathon 2 or weeks after giving birth!

It angers me that people get on women who still exercise while pregnant as if suddenly you've become unable to exist or something. I am not saying that a beginner should go crazy on crossfit once pregnant, but as long as you are doing it smartlty and have been doing this for a while, I say keep on keeping and adapt as needed, it helps to be fit when you give birth!


wrote …

As always, listen to your body, sweatheart!
I love you. Mom


wrote …

Valerie - you're awesome and a huge inspiration. I'm 8 months pregnant and was sad when I lost my butterfly pull-ups somewhere around 5 months ... but I'm not the third fittest woman on the planet. :)

And "listen to your body" is right. My body happens to say, "more crossfit, please".


wrote …

Holy smokes, when I grow up i want to be the badass VMV is. Top notch lady!

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