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April 09, 2011

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“They’re young and they’re starting now, and it’s really cool to see and imagine where they’re going to be when they’re 18,” says Heather Bergeron. Her gym, CrossFit New England, recently hosted its first CrossFit Kids throwdown, with around 75 kids involved. The event was a huge win for the parents, kids and CrossFit Kids programs at participating boxes.

Bergeron explains that different age groups of kids are able to find camaraderie and competition with those from other gyms. Throwdowns also give great exposure to these different age groups, getting more kids involved in the programs and building up child and teen populations at the participating gyms.

For the kids, it’s a lot of fun. CrossFit Kids brings together the community and makes CrossFit a family activity. According to one of the young athletes, “It makes me feel really strong, and I enjoy that.”

Says one parent: “I like that it teaches her exercise and healthy habits at a younger age and that she gets to do it just like I get to do it.”

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Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: CrossFit Kids Community by Jeff and Mikki Martin, published March 8, 2011.

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5 Comments on “CrossFit New England Kids Throwdown”


wrote …

Very cool, Heather! I can't complain much about my earlier years. My Mom was very involved with getting me to and from any kind of athletic events (mostly baseball and basketball), but it does make me wonder a little if I would have fared better in athletics if I had participated in CF kids from a young age. I am very jealous of your kids...they get to have a world class athlete right at their finger tips as a parent and a coach!


wrote …

I have always said that the only thing I hate about Crossfit is that I didn't find it until I was 41. I truly believe that the secret to addressing the health and weight issues we face as a society is to educate our children from the very beginning as to how their bodies work, and what they need to do to keep them healthy, and there is no better form of teaching than DOING. I applaud Heather and everyone else within the community that is out there every day changing our world one child at a time.


wrote …

Nobody better than Heather Bergeron! Great work!! Little Nija's in the making, love it!! Keep up the great work!


wrote …

F'ing awesome! Love it!

Finally had some good weather and had the whole family out in the drive way working out. I'm teaching my wife CrossFit and the two oldest boys (3 and 5) want to do everything we do. I had to make them some PVC bars so they can do OHS with us. Had the baby in a backpack. he loves it too.

It didn't take long, I started doing CrossFit last spring and the whole family is now Paleo and loving CrossFit. I can't think of any gift better that I can give them and watching them is the biggest gift I could ever ask for.

There's no CrossFit Kids program close to me so I guess I'll have to affiliate one of these days and open one.


wrote …

awesome work everyone. great to hear scott K. strong family is everything :)
loved the biceps shot at the end of the vid!

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