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The CrossFit Games Open in Their Own Words: Week 3 by Various - CrossFit Journal

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April 14, 2011

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Not to be outdone by Pat’s massive dog, who made an appearance in Week 2, Yosh welcomes his own beast to his lap as he talks about the third challenge of the CrossFit Games Open.

Workout 11.3 was reminiscent of the last event of the 2008 CrossFit Games. Instead of 30 reps of heavy clean and jerks, 2011 Games hopefuls had 5 minutes to get weight overhead—with a full squat clean mandatory but any form of thruster, press or jerk allowed.

Each athlete felt differently about the event going in, with Yosh noting that the men’s load of 165 lb. topped his body weight by a fair margin. Pat was particularly happy he had let his friends talk him out of a workout of 60 clean and jerks earlier in the week, which might have left him limited gas for game day. For masters competitor Ron, getting 165 overhead represented a PR, but he was determined to do it.

Both Yosh and Jason struggled through some missed reps in their first attempts, while Pat had an easier time with the weight but still wasn’t satisfied with his score.

Yosh, Jason and Pat all did the workout one more time with mixed results, and one even decided a haircut was in order after the event. All four competitors will report back after they rip into Workout 11.4, a 10-minute triplet featuring bar-facing burpees, overhead squats and muscle-ups.

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Additional video: Update on the Open: Week 3.

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