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The Winter Break Road Trip: Parts 1-4 by Austin Malleolo and James Hobart - CrossFit Journal

The Winter Break Road Trip: Parts 1-4

By Austin Malleolo and James Hobart

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April 14, 2011

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Got your PaleoKits, fish oil and broccoli ready for another road trip? On the East Coast, 2010 Games competitors Austin Malleolo and James Hobart tour the seaboard in search of CrossFitters and their challenges.

The trip begins at Albany CrossFit, where Malleolo trains. After a workout similar to the Albany Crippler from the 2010 Northeast Regional, the two hit the road. Next stop: CrossFit Apex in Teleford, Penn., home of 2009 Games champion Tanya Wagner. The Apex WOD features two-man teams, pitting Hobart and Malleolo against CrossFit Apex’s finest, including Tanya’s husband Josh.

In Part 2, Hobart and Malleolo coach a workout at CrossFit Apex, work out with Tanya and then discuss their 2011 Games preparation. Afterward, the boys head to District CrossFit in Washington, D.C., home of fellow 2010 Games competitor Christy Phillips. The trio works on snatch balances and earns some bumps and bruises in the process.

In Part 3, the pair makes a pit stop in Manassas, Va., to coach a group of dedicated CrossFitting moms at their home gym. Then it’s on to CrossFit Obsession in Virginia Beach to work out with Ben Smith, eighth-place finisher at the 2010 CrossFit Games.

In Part 4, Hobart and Malleolo make their way to Fayetteville, N.C., to visit RedPoint CrossFit for an early morning WOD. Then they’re on to Charlotte, N.C., to work out with fellow 2010 Games competitor Spencer Hendel at CrossFit Charlotte.

Life on the road is starting to take its toll.

“The volume isn’t too much different than what I’m used to, but it’s the traveling and the new places and the food, the diet that’s a little off, that makes such a massive difference,” Malleolo says.

Video by Again Faster.

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Part 4
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Additional reading: Event Recap: Northeast Regional.

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23 Comments on “The Winter Break Road Trip: Parts 1-4”


wrote …

It was so awesome having you guys in Manassas. We learned so much and truly appreciate your sharing of your time and knowledge. FYI-we've ditched the "security blanket" band, and are now kipping prescribed! Thanks Austin, James and Pat!!! You guys are the best!


wrote …

Delaware SLAAAAM


wrote …

thanks for the vids!


wrote …

Great series guys. It was awesome having you at DCF. You're welcome back anytime.

And James... make sure you sign a waiver next time.


wrote …

Great series! Gives me something to watch during easter break! :)


wrote …

Part 3 - pry squats.

And those cookies looked awesome!


wrote …

Amazing series!

thx for sharing these stories


wrote …

MOREEEE MOOOOREEEE MOOOOORRRREEE!!!!! I want more of these videos!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!! Jaguar! pure genius!


wrote …

Part 1: He's strong for his size, but James' squats were a little ugly. Knees were flapping like butterfly wings. That defect doesn't change the fact that he's a beast.


wrote …

Fun videos, thanks! I do have one complaint guys were at CF Obsession with OF (Original Firebreather) Brandon and CF Journal superstar Allison (allisonNYC) and all we get is Brandon taking some pictures of you and Allison walking by in the background! Almost as epic-failish as the missed snatch balance :)


wrote …

typo... Original Firebreather Brendan not Brandon, sorry.


wrote …

Austin is such a little bitch! lol, but in a cute way, great series guys, love the camaraderie


wrote …

The new Laurel & Hardy....


wrote …

I used to wonder, "Who is the best smelling woman ever?"
Now we know it's Tanya Wagner.
Thanks James


wrote …

CrossFit's answer to Thelma and Louise...more, please!


wrote …

I need these road trips in DVD format ASAP.


wrote …

Terrific series. Also loved the music selection.


wrote …

Christy Phillips, please take a look at .


replied to comment from Kevin Armstrong

The link didn't take. hmm... Go to the CrossFit mainsite, select July 2010 in the Archives By Month popup on the top right of the page, then search for "active." Kelly Starrett has a great video about the active shoulder.


replied to comment from Kevin Armstrong

Christy, I wanted to elaborate on why I left you a comment. Who knows if you'll even see this, but I was in a bit of a hurry when I wrote the earlier comments and didn't really explain myself.

Watching the Snatch Balance video with you James and Austin, it looks like your shoulders are tracking forward into a position that Kelly Starrett says isn't very strong. It is functional, but to hit the weights you were attempting, it needs to be externally rotated so that the armpits are forward. Kelly doesn't a great job of explaining whys and hows in the Active Should video. I've seen the stability change myself when doing overhead squats, so check it out.

Good luck at the 2011 regionals and games.


wrote …

And there I thought for ONCE you'd spill the whole trip in one post... what a cruel way to make us wait, you're almost as evil as Apple.

The missed snatch balance and handstand drop are wild stuff, take care :)


wrote …

I love all 3 series of these road trips on here. Sevan needs to do another one that is more current. I would buy these in DVD for sure.


replied to comment from Andrew Gerardy

Correction*** I believe Ian was the one who filmed this road trip.. Sorry for that one... Again great series

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