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The Winter Break Road Trip: Parts 5-7 by Austin Malleolo and James Hobart - CrossFit Journal

The Winter Break Road Trip: Parts 5-7

By Austin Malleolo and James Hobart

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April 22, 2011

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Got your PaleoKits, fish oil and broccoli ready for another road trip? On the East Coast, 2010 Games competitors Austin Malleolo and James Hobart tour the seaboard in search of CrossFitters and their challenges.

In Episode 5 (Part 1), Hobart and Malleolo take on more challenges at CrossFit Charlotte, home of fellow 2010 Games competitor Spencer Hendel. They’re joined by A.J. Moore and Michelle Benedict of CrossFit Fort Bragg, as well as Nate Schrader, winner of the 2011 Garage Games.

In Episode 6 (Part 2), Hobart and Malleolo visit Pennsauken, N.J., home of Steve’s Club and CrossFit Tribe. After a workout, Hobart and Malleolo coach Steve’s Club athletes through some deadlifts, helping the young athletes achieve new PRs and set new goals.

In Episode 7 (Part 3), the boys visit Rob Orlando and his crew at Hybrid Athletics in Stamford, Conn. Together, they come up with a workout utilizing the strongman toys they have at their disposal, then sit down to talk about their preparation for the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Sadly, this road trip has come to an end, but the competition and challenges provided an eye-opening experience for both Hobart and Malleolo.

“I learned more than I could ever have fathomed in this seven-day period than, you know, I did in the last five months of training, and it’s just pretty cool,” Malleolo says.

Video by Again Faster.

Part 5
19min 28sec

Part 6
10min 25sec

Part 7
17min 12sec

Additional reading: Steve’s Club: A Nonprofit CrossFit Affiliate for Urban Youth by Steve Liberati, published July 1, 2008.

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16 Comments on “The Winter Break Road Trip: Parts 5-7”


wrote …

This should be a TV show. Eagerly awaiting Season 2!


replied to comment from Boris Lau



wrote …

James, you are adorable!


wrote …

I will sponsor some paleo kits and produce for another trip!


Sean Villagracia wrote …

James... I care that you're eating that bagel...


wrote …

James turns red when girls jump at him....


wrote …

Don't care. James is a bro.


wrote …

The "bro shake" is awesome, I'll have to steal that.
Great series!


wrote …

Got to agree, would love to see more!!


replied to comment from Benjamin Smith

Austin is a great coach. He seems like he is ... in love with what he does...Crossfit.


wrote …

I love these road trip series.. gets me pumped to organise one for our box!


wrote …

Awesome videos series, I've enjoyed all of them, the west coast Cali trip, Mikko to America and this one alike... keep them coming...


Rob Barrese wrote …

Agreed with Boris... it was an excellent series. James and Austin need their own radio show.


wrote …

Austin seems like a Good coach.


wrote …

Such a great series of vids! Absolutely loved it!


wrote …

I want to see waaaay more of these roadtrip vids....its really good watchin

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