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April 06, 2011

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“It’s not just a cool party trick where you get free beer on Saturday night, although I’ve won some free beer on this,” Jeff Tucker says. “It’s a different way to load up your core. It’s a different way to find balance.”

At the Again Faster Summit recently held at CrossFit New England, CrossFit gymnastics coach Jeff Tucker takes the athletes through straddle handstands.

Jessica Pamanian, the fourth-place finisher at the 2010 CrossFit Games, is the first to demonstrate. Tucker spots her through a free-standing straddle handstand and then has her use the wall behind her for assistance.

Says Tucker: “We’re loading up her system as far as the shoulder girdle, getting nice and active in a straddle position and bringing your feet up above you. This is going to work your core a different way.”

With Tucker’s coaching, Heather Bergeron works on this challenging skill and Pamanian progresses to the rings. In addition to building strength, the movement also translates to handstand push-ups on rings.

9min 46sec

Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: Parallette Training Part 2 by Roger Harrell, published Mar. 1, 2006.

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7 Comments on “Straddle Handstands with Jeff Tucker”


wrote …

I love the Jeff Tucker videos. Keep them coming.


wrote …

Nice work Team Again Faster. Seriously amazing athletes working with Colonel Tucker on Ring Handstand Transition. Good solid stuff......



wrote …

Awesome video, and some good stuff to work on! Keep up the good work Jeff and the Again Faster team! Cheers from norway!


wrote …

Wow...a lot of rockstars at that cert!

Its interesting to see Heather B. struggle with the same move I did...I think its an unwillingness to allow the lumbar spine to flex (push it towards the wall).


wrote …

Awesome! New toys to play with! Thanks Tucker, and crew.


replied to comment from Rene Forestier

sometimes it is an odd feeling to allow the hip to close... i think the reason is also the ability to allow the shoulder to close and back to the wall which was a major issue here as well. it is a load control for sure and a core move. if you are hollow - your spine in lower lumbar should be flat or flatter as you go to the wall - even as you close the hip.

takes a few tries to get this - she got it as the weekend went on, you will too


wrote …

Just curious but I was told that with shoulder positioning being such a premium in the handstand and/or gymnastics in general that a great stretch for the shoulders is similar to the position in this video when the athlete goes into a handstand against the wall and you press your butt to the wall (right before the legs are are spread into the straddle in this instance) and you gradually try to start the movement with your hands farther away from the wall. Is this a good stretch for someone that has troube getting into optimal overhead position with their arms and are there any other stretchs you recommend?

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