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Rowing Instruction: Rower Maintenance by Rory McKernan and Greg Hammond - CrossFit Journal

Rowing Instruction: Rower Maintenance

By Rory McKernan and Greg Hammond

In Rowing, Videos

April 29, 2011

Video Article

Join Rory McKernan of CrossFit HQ Media as he receives some rowing tips at a CrossFit Rowing Seminar. In this video, McKernan learns how to perform basic rower maintenance from Greg Hammond of Concept2.

Hammond recommends storing the rowers as two pieces for safety and for saving space, and he shows how easy it is to take the rower apart and put it back together again.

For chain maintenance, the location of your affiliate matters.

“What gets the chain is going to be moisture,” Hammond says. If you’re by the ocean, you’ll need to do a bit more maintenance. Oiling the chain requires mineral oil and a rag to lightly coat the length of the chain.

Hammond opens up the rower—it’s easy—and shows how to clean inside.

“These are really crazy simple,” he says. “It’s really a flywheel, a chain and a bungee cord. So if something’s messed up, have at it because you’re not going to make it any worse most likely.”

7min 40sec

Additional reading: What Is an Erg? by Judy Geer, published Aug. 1, 2008.

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3 Comments on “Rowing Instruction: Rower Maintenance”


wrote …

Great topic! Much appreciated.


wrote …

I JUST picked up a MUCH older erg last night, rescued as Greg called it. Certainly doesn't have the bells and whistles (wooden foot plates, no damper, no bungee cord that I could see) but it tells meters, split, time and s/m...any recommendations for this model vs. what you've recommended here? Thanks!


wrote …

I will say keeping the erg clean and serviced makes a way better row. It's too easy not to clean it.

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