Rowing Instruction: Operating the Monitor

By Rory McKernan and Greg Hammond

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April 12, 2011

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Join Rory McKernan of CrossFit HQ Media as he receives some rowing tips at a CrossFit Rowing Seminar. In this video, he gets the scoop on the rowing monitor from Greg Hammond of Concept2.

“I would say most CrossFitters, even with a PM3, (are) using maybe 2 or 3 percent of what it can do,” Hammond says. He shows McKernan how the monitor can make a difference in CrossFit workouts and programming.

One of these features is “undefined rest,” so the rower doesn’t turn off before you return to it in a workout with multiple rounds and movements. It’ll also keep track of the time that has elapsed, even when you weren’t on the rower.

“We try to always try to make our monitors so you don’t have to keep buying new ones,” Hammond says. If your model is newer than 2006, the monitor can be updated by simply connecting to your computer via a USB printer cable. Any fixes or new features are free to download, and tech support is available to field any questions.

12min 13sec

Additional reading: The Power of the C2 Rower by Judy Geer, published Nov. 19, 2008.

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Ryan Powell wrote …

excellent video, I had no idea the power of the monitor. No to mention free updates!


wrote …

gold dust!!

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