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April 19, 2011

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Join CrossFit Kettlebell trainer Jeff Martone as he adds more kettlebell movements to the CrossFit toolbox.

Today’s addition is the arm-bar stretch. He calls the drill a “stretch” but says it’s a bit of a misnomer because the movement won’t exactly feel like a stretch. According to Martone, “It’s building strength and stability in that shoulder and flexibility at the same time.”

To perform the movement, press the kettlebell over your body from a supine position. With a locked-out arm perpendicular to the floor, rotate your body around and try to flatten your hips to the ground. This will produce a position where the hips are on the floor, the torso is twisted and the kettlebell is still held perpendicular to the floor with a locked arm. The key points are to keep your eyes on the kettlebell at all times and use a spotter, and Martone teaches the group members how to spot for this drill.

“‘Active shoulder’ means different things depending upon what you’re doing,” Martone says and drills the correct shoulder position for the stretch—shoulder blade retracted. “I don’t want to push it away. I actually want to pull my scap into my spine,” he says.

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Additional reading: How to Speak Martone by Larry Gallagher, published Oct.28, 2008.

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6 Comments on “Going Beyond the Swing: Part 1—The Arm-Bar Stretch”


wrote …

Did I spot Rob Pincus there? Cool.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

DUDES! About time my homie, Jeff Martone got some action on the journal!!!

This guy is f**ing AWESOME!

I did a seminar w/Jeff once and he rocked out a lesson in pull ups and it was SICK!!!

Never have I seen someone break down pull ups the way he did.

I miss that guy. Jeff has so much knowledge to offer it's not even funny.

If any1 gets the opportunity to host or attend his seminars, get ON it.

Plus, the guy is one of the coolest dude on the planet NO doubt.

Good to see this video AND I was working these arm bars today.... WRONG WAY, I am psyched this was the lesson, back to the drawing board manana, the RIGHT way!


wrote …

Thanks! Active shoulder explanations in relation to different movements was very helpful.


replied to comment from Jake Kozlowski

I was wondering the same thing, I knew it was him once I heard him talk. I got a few of his videos... good stuff.


wrote …

I echo what Zach said, I did the Kettlebell Cert a couple of years ago and Jeff is a great coach and not to mention a cool guy too! Would like to see more new Martone vids on the journal! (It's a good reminder for me to use this stretch too)


wrote …

yo know what I'm saying...

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