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April 07, 2011

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In our continuing saga spotlighting CrossFitters who train outside the box, this week we take another peek into the home of CrossFit HQ’s Director of Training. Dave Castro leads filmmaker Sevan Matossian on a tour of his indoor and outdoor workout areas.

In Part 2, Castro shows off his outdoor equipment in his backyard. He has a pull-up structure from Rogue complete with a fat bar, low bar and high bar for various pull-ups. A rope, heavy bag and rings hang from the structure to provide more variety to his workouts. Castro has also accumulated some strongman gear, including atlas stones of various weights and a log.

“Some of the outdoor obstacles would be just making sure you have your area laid out and making sure that the equipment out here can handle it,” he says. From personal experience, Castro says that a barbell left out overnight will rust and that wooden rings are not weatherproof.

Everyone has favorite gear. To Castro, the stones are a great addition to his home gym.

“I love these things. These things are great. I use them all the time,” he says. “Any of this strongman stuff is super cool and just another way to pick stuff up and take stuff overhead, so I really enjoy training with this stuff.”

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Additional reading: Smart Shopping for Your Home Gym by Matthew Hall, published Sept. 9, 2009.

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16 Comments on “The Super Long Garage Gym Series: Part 2”


wrote …

Great Video a lot of good info. Im going to have to check out beyond the whiiteboard. These two sound like brothers they way they go back and forth at each other.


wrote …

HAHA...these two crack me up.


wrote …

What a sweet setup Dave has! As someone who trains at home much of the time it's always interesting to see how others use their space and resources.

I also appreciated Dave's advice on doing singles in addition to practicing double-unders. Doubles are a goat for me and I spend a lot of time practicing them to the exclusion of high-rep singles, but I see Dave's point about working them both. I've seen Dave do doubles in other videos, and he is way better at them than I could ever hope to be, so I will take his advice!

This nicely illustrates something I've noticed in CF videos -- there is frequently a lot of excellent advice/information in them that does not necessarily relate to the subject of the video. You might see someone in the background doing an exercise that gives you an insight into something you've been struggling with, or someone (like Dave in this video) makes an aside about an unrelated topic that gives you some good insight. Excellent stuff, guys -- thanks!


wrote …

DC: "The footing here is obviously..."
SM: "Constantly varied?"



wrote …

Just signed up for whiteboard and started putting my numbers in. So far its great. I definitely recommend it. Its better than any app I've used on my Iphone.


wrote …

Sweet Ass Home Gym, He always gives good advice too


wrote …

But I don't understand why neighbors would complain, about what?


wrote …

Great gym!! Also Ted Socha is an OG Crossfitter.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

oh hells yea! There is Nothing better than rocking workouts outside!!!

DC is a straight up cool dude, respect no doubt!

That backyard rig by Rogue is the shiizzzzzz, I wonder if it's rust proof, I'd be down w/setting up shop in my backyard, problem is I'd find the entire neighborhood back there! ha ha



wrote …

"we're they mexicans?"


wrote …

CrossFit Castro is ridiculous!! Such an awesome set up. If you need a trainer to run an affiliate at your house, I am your man!!


wrote …


Are you Mexican?


wrote …



wrote …



wrote …

What William Maynard and Steven Schrago said.

What's behind that hill at the back of the property? Can you do hill sprints there?

I'll help finish the landscaping in exchange for training on the backyard rig.

Really ridiculously cool video.



Gabriel Haas wrote …

I love the banter between SM and DC. It cracks me up every time. The singles comment was cool too. I had never strung together double-unders before I started CF but I used to do thousands of singles. When helping others with their doubles, one of the first things I recommend is getting better at singles. The rhythm is basically the same. Keep 'em coming Sevan!

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