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A Second Chance at Life by Chris Klug - CrossFit Journal

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April 26, 2011

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Chris Klug is a retired professional snowboarder who is a three-time Olympian and winner of a bronze medal at the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. He’s also a CrossFitter out of Aspen CrossFit. Rory McKernan of CrossFit HQ Media recently interviewed Klug on his career and his retirement.

Klug says his career has “been an amazing ride,” but that ride hasn’t come without some significant bumps. The Olympian underwent a life-saving liver transplant only a year and half before he won the Olympic bronze in the men’s parallel giant slalom. Klug says the experience was life-changing.

“I wish I could somehow share that same perspective with everybody without having to go through that scary experience because it really does help put things into light and into perspective and make you realize what’s important in life,” he says.

Klug says CrossFit is helping him stay conditioned to meet his new goals.

“I actually want to be the first transplant recipient to do the Seven Summits in the years ahead,” he says. “I’m really, you know, trying to get stronger and more well-rounded as an athlete to help me try to tackle these next challenges.”

Klug has started a charity to raise awareness for life-saving organ donation. For more information, check out the Chris Klug Foundation.

“I try to balance my work and my play and definitely don’t take a day for granted anymore,” Klug says.

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wrote …

As someone diagnosed with PSC, I was glad to see Chris Klug on here. He's a motivation to me, not just as an athlete, but just in the way he lives his life. Good luck with the 7 Peaks man, I'm pulling for you.


wrote …

This is a really nice interview. Well done.

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