CrossFit Field Trip

By Michael Melillo

In Affiliation

April 23, 2011

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After doing CrossFit for six months, Michael Melillo took time out of the holidays to visit affiliates near his parents’ home. He encountered several differences but always found the same supportive community.

When I realized I would be visiting family for the holidays this year, I was excited for a few reasons. It would be the first time I got to spend Christmas with my family in four years since moving to California. It also would be the first time I had the opportunity to check out some CrossFit affiliates in New England.

Before my trip, I was able to research all the affiliates in the Connecticut and Massachusetts areas and figure out which ones I thought would be best to visit. One thing that is so great about the CrossFit community is how easy it is to connect with affiliates.

After doing my research and putting the data into a complex weighting algorithm based on location, trainer experience, drop-in fees, class schedule and how cool their T-shirts looked, I came away with my preliminary list of boxes to hit. In all honesty, the biggest take-away from this process was just how many options a CrossFitter has in New England. Living in California, I was used to the idea of having lots of affiliates near by, but I didn’t know how much CrossFit had spread across the country.



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Michael, we were glad to have you visit, come back anytime! You picked a hell of a day to come in, people are STILL talking about "decepticon"!


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I travel a lot for work so I have gotten a chance to visit quite a few boxes and the one constant i have found is how welcoming and supportive all the owners, coaches and athletes are! I captured a few thoughts on the boxes I visited in this blog post if anyone is interested.


wrote …

Thanks for taking the time to this write this. Next time you visit CT, feel free to stop back in to Elm City CrossFit.

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