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April 04, 2011

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Dan Fuhr recounts years of deployment with one constant: CrossFit main-site workouts.

I turn 35 in January, and I’ve been following CrossFit main-site programming regularly since January 2007. I am also in the Army, and since January 2007 I have been deployed for 28 months. I’ve spent another six months away for training.

Surprisingly, I’m still single.

With the exception of being fortunate enough to spend two months training weekends in Austin’s premier CrossFit facility, CrossFit Austin, with Wes Kimball, Chad Vaughn, Boone Putney, Miguel Garza and Tristy Stephens, I have almost solely been working out on my own, outside a box, following main-site programming while on deployments.

I was introduced to CrossFit and have regularly followed main-site programming even while deployed. I do not think my experiences or results are that unique. I’m just a guy who worked out as hard and as regularly as the situation allowed once I fully embraced CrossFit.



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wrote …

Great article, Dan. You are correct about Unit PT- it sucks. I hated it when I was active duty and when I was activated. I always got my best workouts on my own programs.

Thank you for your service.


wrote …

Nice article and great motivator. I recently moved to a new location devoid of any affiliates and my training has really suffered. Truth be told however I have the time and the means, and in reality my training is suffering as a function of my laziness and lack of commitment. Seeing someone in far more trying circumstances continue to train, etc. has really helped me to refocus. Thanks for that.

As a footnote, saw "Atlas Shrugged" in the photo; great book. The movie is being released later this month.


wrote …

What a great motivational story. And thanks for your service.


wrote …

Great notes Dan! Thanks for the inspiration and excuses, GO!


wrote …


Very great article. Especially recounting the diet fluctuations, ad hoc adaptations for equipment and everything else. If you are ever back in Iraq, CrossFit Slayer is set up on Camp Victory and still running almost two years after we set up. Take care and stay safe.


Edwin Johnson wrote …

Thank you for sharing your story. It really puts things in perspective for me and makes me want to hit it even harder.


wrote …

Great job Dan! Glad things are going well for you out in California....we talk about you from time to time at Centurion. Take care!


Daniel Fuhr wrote …

Thanks for kind words!

Seriously, hit me up if you are in the Monterey area. You are welcome to work out at my box!

And before my girlfriend breaks up with me, I'm no longer single :)

Take care,



wrote …

Awesome Article Dan! So great to get to work to with you for a short time my friend! Come back and see us again in Austin soon!


wrote …

Great article, very motivational. I especially like the Roosevelt quote.



wrote …

Dan, you are amazing. What a story. Thank you for your hard work and service.


wrote …

Dan, Amazing article on how CrossFit was a path to get away for stressors. You have amazing self-motivation, with you as a coach in the CrossFit community, you will make a huge difference. Thank you for drinking the koolaid an thank you for your service.

If I'm in the area I will definitely hit you up for a WOD!


wrote …

Hey Dan! Great story! So glad we got to share a few workouts at CFA. Happy to hear that all is well in California!


wrote …

Great job Dan on the article. That guy in the back is one of my buddies and I was on the same deployment, at the other site.

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