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April 30, 2011

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John Daly of CrossFit BTB in Atlanta, Ga., has come a long way to compete in the Reebok CrossFit Games Open.

Two-and-a-half years ago he was 260 lb. He’s now 60 lb. lighter, and Daly says CrossFit has “really done a lot to improve my life.”

But it didn’t happen overnight. Daly says he was at first very intimidated by CrossFit.

“The first day I walked into the gym, everyone was doing the CrossFit Total,” he says. “The first thing that went into my mind after I walked in the door was I was going to turn around.”

After his first taste of two rounds of Cindy, Daly was sold. The weight gradually came off through lifestyle and diet changes that CrossFit spurred. For his diet, he made incremental adjustments.

“It was a progressive move. I didn’t give up everything all at once, so I think that’s why I was a little bit more successful,” he says.

According to Daly, a combination of Paleo-Zone works best for him, and he attributes his overall success to CrossFit.

“It basically changed my life in so many different ways,” he says.

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Additional reading: By the Numbers by Amy Santamaria and Tim Retzik, published Sept. 29, 2010.



9 Comments on “No More Fat Guy: A Story of Hard Work”


wrote …

I start on my journey this coming Tuesday at my local box. Very inspiring and almost the exact same situation (I am a bit older).

Thanks for paving the way brother!


wrote …

Great video, Thank for sharing that.


wrote …

Awesome story! My dad has a very similar story. Check out his blog at Put the work into CrossFit and it will work for you!


wrote …

Keep up the good work! That's great to see.


wrote …

Congrats brother. I cometely understand and feel your journey. I am 6 months into Crossfit, and have dropped 80 lbs. Great job.


wrote …

Congratulation John on sticking with Crossfit. My story is similar to yours - bad habits, never an athlete, high blood pressure, etc. I started at 250 lbs and 59 years old. I am 61 now and 170 lbs and like you, competed in the Games Open. I am still mastering double unders, and working on lifting more weight, but that is the great thing about Crossfit - always something new to learn or to do better or faster. Good luck with your shoulder operation!!


wrote …

Hard work is the ultimate trump card. John that is admirable work: not only to change yourself: but put it on the stage for everyone to see. Honored that you would share that with us. Gotta love Crossfit, don't know of any other place with this type of community


wrote …

Courageous to put up the last 2.5 years of your life online for all to see.
Thank you for showing it can be done.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Nice work, John! Keep it up!

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