Fight Gone CrossFit

By Jack Goodson


April 08, 2011

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Jack Goodson examines the link between mixed martial arts and CrossFit.

Fight Gone Bad—famed mixed martial artist B.J. Penn named it. CrossFitters both love and fear it.

The workout, a benchmark in the CrossFit community, was designed to match the metabolic demands of an organized MMA fight. Five minutes on, 1 minute off for 3-5 rounds. Sounds simple enough.

Sure. Words such as “brutal” or “savage”—and assorted others—come to mind when describing just how taxing this workout is. Penn, when quizzed on how it compared to an actual bout in the cage, commented that it was akin to a fight gone bad. The rest, as they say, is history.

CrossFit has grown exponentially since CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman teamed with Penn to name this monster at the turn of the millennium. As of 2011, the number of affiliate gyms has increased from 18 in 2005 to over 2,400. Astounding. Perhaps the only comparable realm to experience a similar growth in popularity over the past decade is, of course, mixed martial arts.

These two disciplines have been linked for several years, even prior to Penn’s foray into Glassman’s world of functional fitness. They appear, at least on the surface, to be vastly different. However, the parallels between the two reach far deeper than many would likely expect.



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wrote …

BRUCE LEE. Original MMA fighter. I bet he would have been an awesome CrossFitter.
Great article guys!


wrote …

I've seen a few videos in the CF Journal with John Hackelman, and have come to the conclusion that he does not know much about CrossFit. His knowledge about what we do is limited. I saw him in one of the Journal videos stating that he thinks bicep curls are a good workout. Dave Castro, who was also in the video, should have educated him right on the spot. I have seen numerous MMA videos of John. He has lost a lot of respect in the MMA community because he has not been able to produce any other successful fighters except Chuck. Johns workouts have no variety. Please stop giving this man camera time. I've met him personally and he is a very nice human being, but he is not one of us.......a CrossFitter.


wrote …

Wow... Way to epitomize the true keyboard warrior with that comment.


wrote …

I think the spirit of this article is right on. Speaking of Bruce Lee? Ever watch the 1970's chop sockey flicks with the awesome training sequences? Jackie Chan in Drunken Master or Goran Liu in Shaolin Master Killer? Original Crossfit, for sure!

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