Advanced Handgun Tips: Speed Draw

By Dave Re and Dave Castro

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Join Dave Re, grand master in the United States Practical Shooting Association, as he works with CrossFit Director of Training Dave Castro on the speed draw at the Austin Rifle Club.

Re refines the speed and efficiency of Castro’s draw.

“To speed up the draw, what we want to do is be in the position we’re going to shoot at when we start,” Re says. “Start there and bring the gun up to it.”

Re then has Castro draw with eyes closed to feel the positions.

“What that’s going to do is put your natural point of aim centered up in the target,” the expert says.

Breaking down the positions and slowly drilling them helps Castro shave even more time off his draw.

“That’s really where speed comes from is that repetition of these little skills and getting real efficient at them and putting them together and then just letting them happen—and it goes fast,” Re says.

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Additional reading: CrossFit’s Right on Target by Dave Re, published March 29, 2009.

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15 Comments on “Advanced Handgun Tips: Speed Draw”


wrote …

That is a crazy holster dave is wearing, is that some sort of "Sport" Holster? Looks effecient for the draw, but I can't imagine the retention on the move is all that desirable.


wrote …

Very cool to hear high level coaches across domains cuing in so many of the same ways:

Position 1-2-3, remind anyone of Oly Lifting with Coach B?
Practice slow and then add speed, did someone let Tucker on the range?

Good Stuff.


replied to comment from Ryan Hendrix

Ryan, the holster's a sport specific "race holster" called the Race Master. Here's a review (and followup) I wrote on my blog about it:

In the past, these holsters weren't really great about retaining the gun, and were all about speed. You had to be careful with them. This one's different, though - it actually retains the gun better than a lot of standard kydex belt holsters. I can literally do 20" box jumps repeatedly with a fully loaded gun (with dummies - just to add the weight) and with the holster unlocked, and it's solid as a rock. Crazy cool.... still not something for "real world" use, though ;-)


wrote …

I meant to add - Castro's also shooting from a Race Holster. It's a CR Speed - the only race style holster made for his Sig X-Five...


wrote …

Hey, why don't I just make 10,000 comments? The holster you see through the vid is just a generic kydex holster I had for the 1911. It holds the gun OK with enough tension on it, but not super great. I was thinking about the holster I've got on at the end of the vid, sorry...

Mad props to Marston for the vid, too! ;-)


wrote …



wrote …

Does The Castro need an assistant? He has the greatest job of all time. I want to be there.


replied to comment from David Re

Dave, Thanks for the info. Great work and great blog.


wrote …

Great video but The Castro looks like he was having a lot of fun. I wanna see him do it in a WOD. I wanna see 5 burpees for every B hit and 10 for every C. In fact, I want to do that WOD too. Super Jealous.


wrote …

CF Games style biathlon please.


wrote …

Wow, that is just cool. Shooting is a blast. Also, what Dave explained as the way to get faster and smoother at the draw applies to CF workouts........threshold training. It's amazing how so many things transfer from practicing functional movements to various sports.


wrote …

i really enjoy these. keep me comin


wrote …

Funny,that was some of the best tips I've got off this site!!! Thanks Dave


wrote …

That'd be cool to see how fast one can draw and maintain form and technique after a hard WOD or a series of intervals on the rower. Awesome video with lots of good tips. Great coaching. Never got that kind of instruction when I went to qual with the 9mm in the military, would have helped on the range. Makes me want to go shoot.


wrote …

I disagree with a lot of the techniques taught in these videos. Probably just because they are old.

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