Advanced Handgun Tips: Speed Reload

By Dave Re and Dave Castro

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April 25, 2011

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Join Dave Re, grand master in the United States Practical Shooting Association, as he works with Director of Training Dave Castro on the speed or emergency-type reload at the Austin Rifle Club.

“It’s one of the most difficult things we do with a handgun because it requires the right hand to do one thing, the left hand to do something totally different and unrelated to what the right hand is doing ... . (You have to) bring them both together at high speed to hit a very specific angle and small plane in space to make it all work,” Re says.

Re explains the steps to the speed reload and has a series of drills for each step.

“It’s not an easy thing to do. It’s not an easy thing to do fast either, and it takes a lot of practice,” Re says.

6min 51sec

Additional reading: CrossFit’s Right on Target by Dave Re, published March 29, 2009.

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11 Comments on “Advanced Handgun Tips: Speed Reload”


wrote …

awesome video! It'd be interesting, at the end of this series, to have a video of Dave talk about how this was different than the training in his previous profession.


wrote …

Great vid!

I'm really enjoying this series. Makes me want to pick up the sport.

I agree with Erich, it would be interesting to hear a compare and contrast at the end.


wrote …

Wow Dave Re those were amazing reloads!


wrote …

What does gun stuff have to do with crossfit?


replied to comment from Dave Traeger


See sidebar on page one, last bullet point. "Regularly learn and play new sports."

For some CF is their sport, for others it's a modality to help make them better at their chosen sport and/or job. In previous episodes, Dave Re has spoken about how CF has helped improve his performance in shooting competitions.

I'd recommend watching the whole series if you have the time. It may not inspire you to take up shooting, but I suspect you'll gain an appreciation for the economy of movement, focus, balance, accuracy, foot work, and quickness required to become an accomplished practical shooter. Like anything else, the good ones make it look a lot easier than it is.


replied to comment from Dave Traeger

Many, many Crossfitters come from the law enforcement and military community, myself included. For these guys, there is a significant overlap between fitness and tactical skills. They Crossfit in large part so they can shoot better and move into position to shoot more efficiently under stressful conditions.


replied to comment from Kristofer Shamloo

Thanks, Kristofer :-) Mine in the vid aren't too bad... but if you want to see fast, check out Army Marksmanship Unit shooter Travis Tomasie in these vids... and


wrote …

This is a great video series. As a dedicated .com Crossfitter and USPSA competitor, I am enjoying these videos. Well done.


wrote …

I was expecting this video to be in complete contrast to the skills required in a tactical setting, but I was wrong. I just got back from a Blackwater SWAT School a couple months ago, and the reload techniques they were teaching were almost identical. The only difference would be the gun and mags require more secure holsters / pouches. Bringing the weapon into your line of sight between you and your target will not only speed up your reload, it will allow you to re-aquire your target quicker. In a tactical setting, you may see that you can't reload fast enough, and its time to practice your forward roll behind the nearest solid object!


wrote …

Great video. Keep them coming!


wrote …

We here in Israel do crossfit as well as maksmanship. We need both and I will tell you why , we do not train our children to be martyrs.

The blend of fitness and precision shooting requires a balance of strength , cardio , and acquired skills set.

My only additional comment would be that here we flick our wrists to one side after we hit the mag release so as to make sure the magazine falls out of the oath in which we are moving. Of course this may not be feasible in some conditions which require either stealth or the reloading of magazines on the run.

Shooting can be fun as long as the targets do not return fire.

We may be posting some fun WODs from Israel using ancient sites as the location an done WOD we are working on is " The Glock strikes three " stay tuned for details.

Nice shooting stay safe and we would love to see you guys here one day where Samson played, David slew Goliath and three faiths convene on one city.

Jerusalem beckons


Murry Z.

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