Lil’ Nuggets

By Sweet Cheeks Headquarters

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April 19, 2011

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Chicken nuggets are one of the most popular kids foods. What kid doesn’t like breaded chicken that’s fried and then dipped in a favorite sauce?

These nuggets are easy, and your kids can help shape the nuggets themselves. If your kids don’t like onions, just omit them. You can also add other vegetables such as red peppers or carrots in the mix and you’ve got rainbow chicken nuggets!

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wrote …

I find the nuggets stay together/breading stays on better if between dredging/shaping they are put in the freezer for about an hour. So after I process the chicken and shape it, it is egg wash/dredged in the breading and put on a sheet in the freezer. Come back an hour later and egg wash/dredge again then into the oil.

My decidedly non-paleo 10yr old loves to make and eat these and has assured me they are much better than the "mc-arches" version. Word of warning though ... they do not reheat well in the microwave (for me at least) so don't make a ton and think you can reheat and serve.

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