The Story of the Norcal 40s

By TJ and Allison Belger

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“People just don’t have any idea what these lawyers, garbage men, teachers are capable of doing. Superhuman feats, that’s what they’re doing, and they get support to do it, and they get this loving, supportive community to stand behind them,” says TJ Belger, co-owner of TJ’s Gym in Northern California. TJ’s Gym recently hosted the Norcal 40s CrossFit Competition for athletes in the 40-49 age group.

Belger says that the response was so positive that athletes entered from across the country. Even athletes 50 and older begged to compete. TJ and his wife Allison chose the 40-49 age group because in the 2010 CrossFit Games, 50 years old was the masters-division cut-off.

“Under 40, you’re still kind of maybe in the running for competing, and I just felt like this was a specific decade that was sort of left out of CrossFit competitions thus far,” Allison says. She hopes other regions will start making this an annual event, too.

“CrossFit, I think, brings up the competitive drives in everybody. You can’t be a CrossFitter and not have some component of competitive nature in you,” Allison says.

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Additional reading: CrossFit After 40 by Dr. Allison Belger, published Jan. 30, 2010.

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16 Comments on “The Story of the Norcal 40s ”


wrote …

Great story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


wrote …



wrote …

frigging awesome. don't know you, TJ, but thanks! this is the best idea I've heard in forever. going to pitch it to my affiliate.


Thomas Huens wrote …

Great video! Kevin "Sutty" Suttmoeller was actually the 3rd place finisher in mens division. Hope these age specific events keep popping up so we can see what the wise ones are doing.


wrote …

Awesome event, great idea!


wrote …

yeahhhhh!!! Bonniiieeeee!!!!


wrote …

I"m sooooooo there next year, form Phx.


wrote …

This is my favorite story on the Journal so far. One reason I started doing CrossFit was seeing the Masters competition portion of the Games. I'm 33 now, but I find these athletes the most inspiring - and the hottest!


wrote …

This video was inspiring. Thanks for hosting such a cool event!


wrote …

Fantastic Allison,

Just finished sending you off an email then saw this. Serendipitous for sure.

I hope to see an event like this coming to Toronto in the near future. Would definitely throw my hat in the ring to help.

Such an inspiring video and another reason why I love the CrossFit community.


wrote …

The video was awesome. At 49, will be 50 in August, I began a journey on December 23, 2009 to take back control of life. Crossfit the den, Medford Oregon, has provided me with that opportunity. The highlights of the event just another reason why I crossfit. Doing more today, than I ever dreamed possible 16 months ago after that first dreadful WOD.


wrote …

Just beautiful!


wrote …

YEAH YEAH YEAH! Great idea.
Having just turned 42 myself, been doing the CF in garage for almost 2 years now. Not a spring chicken, but getting there! Feeling best I've ever felt in my life.
At same time realizing that more likely to be competitive in the older bracket rather than achieving the younger bracket PR's.


wrote …

Freddy who? I have not seen him around since "THE BEAR" video. Great so see there is crossfit life at and beyond 40.


wrote …

CrossFit affliates should focus on creating a class for different age groups because of where they are in their lives. A 40- 50 year old person just won't have the same goals as a 20-30 year old person would and that's ok! The CrossFit community really supports eachother, so this should spread into all ages and backgrounds and to spread the word that CrossFit is achievable for all!


wrote …

Great video and story TJ and Allison! Plan on joining you guys in 2013. It'll be my one and only chance at 49!

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