One Kid at a Time

By Steve Liberati with Lee Knight

In CrossFit, Kids

April 20, 2011

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Steve Liberati and Lee Knight explain how you can use the Steve’s Club National Program to bring fitness to kids in your area.

I work less than a mile from Camden—often touted as the most dangerous city in the country.

Due to New Jersey’s budget cuts, Camden’s police department was recently slashed in half. Drug dealers are celebrating. Gang leaders are recruiting. There is blood in the streets.

Our 3,000-square-foot facility is a safe haven from these dangers and home to four sister companies that work together to offer elite fitness and nutrition to those seeking refuge, stress relief and a healthier way of life. CrossFit Tribe and Steve’s Original are how I make my living. Steve’s Club and the new Steve’s Club National Program are how I live my life.

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5 Comments on “One Kid at a Time ”


wrote …

This is an amazing story and and an incredible outreach. Thank you for all that you do!


wrote …

continue to inspire us all...
any plans to develop this in Canada?


wrote …

Thanks guys, it is truly a great pleasure to be a part of this wonderful community.

As of now, we have plans to open a Steve's Club in Canada as our charter only covers the US.

If you are interested in supporting our organization, please check out our third annual Beat the Streets fundraiser on May 14th-15th at CF affiliates across the country. For more information go to:


Jeff Martin wrote …

You are an inspiration. This deserves more focus.


wrote …

Thanks for your inspiration Steve. You and Lee are doing great things!!!

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