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April 27, 2011

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Becca Borawski looks at the CrossFit Kids program from the perspectives of the participant and the parent.

Unlike an adult program, one thing you need to consider when building your CrossFit Kids program is your actual potential client. It’s easy to assume your potential clients are the children. The people you are actually enrolling, however, are the parents.

I see most children’s programs as being somewhere on a sliding scale: one one side you have the group classes that are essentially babysitting combined with some basic gymnastics, and on the other you have the highly structured martial-arts programs requiring years of commitment. You want your CrossFit Kids program to be closer to the martial-arts schools than babysitting.

You want to create a program where children get fit, learn good movement patterns and have fun. You want to establish good nutrition habits and build the lifestyle of fitness from an early age. To create a successful program, you need to be able to approach these goals from two different standpoints—the concerns of the children and the concerns of the parents.



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