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The Extraordinary Vijai Raj by Jesse O'Brien - CrossFit Journal

The Extraordinary Vijai Raj

By Jesse O'Brien

In Athletes, CrossFit

April 06, 2011

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At Sri Ram Ashram in India, a CrossFitting teen leads by example. Jesse O’Brien reports.

This January I was fortunate enough to travel to India for 10 days. The trip was sponsored by my gym, Westlake CrossFit in Austin, Texas, through fundraising, donations and the efforts of Leadership as Rx’D, an organization that promotes leadership through fitness.

It was the journey of a lifetime.

I joined three members of CrossFit Calgary, including 2007 CrossFit Games second-place finisher Brett Marshall; Yasmin Dean, associate professor of social work at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alta.; and Amy Lafleche, an entrepreneur.

We were on a CrossFit mission laden with Dynamax medicine balls, a supply of chalk, lacrosse balls for mobility, clips for barbells—and even a GHD machine that CrossFit Calgary disassembled into multiple pieces, crammed into three luggage bags weighing in at 72 lb. and checked on an international flight to New Delhi.

But the purpose of this article is not to focus on the camaraderie and support of my affiliate that sent me on this trip or the incredible, organically grown CrossFit affiliate that is CrossFit Sri Ram Ashram in Hardiwar, India. The focus is rather on an extraordinary individual named Vijai Raj.

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6 Comments on “The Extraordinary Vijai Raj”


wrote …

Where and when is Part 2 following - The Position: Part 1—The Double-Under - going to run. Sort of silly to spread a multi part article on technique out by a week or more, isn't it? By the time part 2 is available, viewers will have forgotten part 1 content.


wrote …

Very inspiring. Great job, Jesse.


wrote …

Vijai Raj is a stud! He continues to give back to others and leads by example. 32 rounds of Cindy is amazing! He also hasn't forgotten where he came from either. Thank you to all of the people supporting him in his trip to Canada. Safe Travels!


wrote …

I got to meet Vijai last year on a visit to India. He is the real deal!


Cole Rashmi wrote …

Many thanks to Crossfit Calgary for their visit and offer to sponsor Vijay for further training in Canada. Also to Jesse O'brien for the wonderful article. The Crossfit community has been so supportive of us.
We are trying hard for a visa for Vijay. If he gets one it will be a dream come true for him.
Thank you to the entire Crossfit community for your support.


wrote …

Truly an inspiring article. Thanks for sharing Jesse. Best of luck to Vijay in getting his visa!

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