Pose Method: Origins and Innovation

By Dr. Nicholas Romanov

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April 20, 2011

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Pose Method creator Dr. Nicholas Romanov sits down with Sevan Matossian to discuss how he made his influential discovery.

When he was deciding upon his career, Romanov says he was driven toward science.

“Science is really what I want to do,” he says, explaining how his research in exercise physiology and sport biomechanics came together when he started teaching.

However, Romanov says he became dissatisfied with teaching when he found that textbooks couldn’t prepare coaches adequately. To figure out a different way of teaching, he looked at martial arts and dance and tried to figure out how their coaches were successful.

“An answer came in one single day,” Romanov says.

His epiphany was the Pose Method. Dr. Romanov found that any movement from any sport could be broken down into different positions or poses. For the first time, this allowed a frame-by-frame method of analysis and the identification of key poses to create the backbone for the movement.

“Any movement is just a series of poses,” Romanov says.

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Additional video: A Violent Agreement: Part 1, by Greg Glassman, Louie Simmons and Dr. Nicholas Romanov, originally aired March 22, 2010.

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7 Comments on “Pose Method: Origins and Innovation”


wrote …

Great interview! Thanks Sevan!!!


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

Great timing for the track season. Hopefully this is the making of more POSE videos in the near future.

The POSE method has helped tremendously as a current track coach at the high school level. Last year, the introduction of the POSE method to our team helped 9 of our kids reach states. One of them (Mike Rossman) won the state championship in the 400m dash with a 49.8, shaving a half second off of his previous pr.

Thank you for your instruction Dr Romanov. Keep the videos coming. And bring a POSE cert to Michigan!


wrote …

I just had an epiphany. I think Dr. Romanov's idea of pose (or position) is transferable to Olympic lifting. Going to try this out.


wrote …

Great interview. I'm currently reading Dr. Romanov's book on Pose Running and just read this same story. Nice to hear it in the man's own voice and see the light in his eye as he explains it.

I'm really enjoying the process of learning Pose Running and would love to attend a seminar/cert. by Dr. Romanov.


wrote …

Good stuff! It's deep! What he is saying "sounds simple", but is deep stuff to really understand! Great interview! Hope to see the rest of it soon!!


wrote …

Well done Sevan, and thanks. Can't wait to get myself to one of the Dr's certs.


wrote …

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