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April 04, 2011

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Leave your tights, weightlifting shoes and iPods at the door. In this camp, your name doesn’t go on the whiteboard. It goes on your plain white T-shirt.

This is SEALFIT’s Kokoro Camp.

On the line to accept that challenge are CrossFitters including Mikko Salo, Kristan Clever, Rob Orlando, Tommy Hackenbruck, Caity Henniger, Jimi Letchford and Greg Amundson.

In Part 6, we learned Clever has an injury and might be about to leave the camp. In Part 7, the 2010 CrossFit Games champ sticks with the training despite her pain and decides to forge ahead with her teammates.

The next evolution focuses on teamwork.

“The training starts to become much more mental from here on out. We really can’t break them on the rocks any more than we already have,” says SEALFIT founder Mark Divine.

The training also adds humor as a coping mechanism.

“Really, it’s just to keep them moving, keep their heads in the game and to start to have some fun with this,” Divine says.

Seeing smiling, laughing faces after a day and night of grueling training is a welcome change, but the tasks don’t get any easier.

“You’ve just got to laugh at it,” Hackenbruck says of the new challenges. “It’s just so stupid it’s humorous.”

Video by Rogue Fitness.

9min 42sec

Additional reading: The Mind Game by Steven Shrago, published March 27, 2010.

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10 Comments on “SEALFIT Part 7”


wrote …

Mikko always seems to be happy in this series.


wrote …

Hackenbruck rulz!


wrote …

I never want this series to end. So inspirational!


wrote …

Rob O. peeing blood and kidneys hurt, but still keeps going...that's what I'm sayin!


wrote …

Good program for military wanna be's but for those of us that have done this for a living, you never want to go back. At least with this program you only do this for a few days, not 20 years.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

These guys r f**ing awesome, Rob O is a machine, BIG props to him and BIG props to ALL who have kept on keeping on, this video series is my favorite of ALL.

I have HUGE respect for SEALs and what they do and huge respect for anyone who goes as far as the crew in this camp.

Congrats to ALL, UN-F**ing-REAL :)



wrote …

Loving it. Right up there with the Discovery Channel Documentary on the SEAL's BUDS Class 234. Maybe this sounds wrong but it looks like so much fun. The kind of fun that hurts and is still awesome.


wrote …

Wow, I was not looking forward to installing rubber flooring tonight. After watching what these folks endured, piece of frigging cake. Thanks guys/gals. Great courage and balls.


wrote …

Best reality TV show I have seen in a while


wrote …

Reminds me some of the good ol' days at Amphibious Recon School or parts of "Surviving the Cut" on Discovery Channel(I think). This is a reality TV show I would actually watch!

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