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“Right now, like, I love my life. I do. I am so fortunate and so grateful for everything I have,” says Tanya Wagner.

In this video filmed in January, seven-and-a-half months into her pregnancy, Wagner was still CrossFitting. The 2009 Games champion still has kipping pull-ups and works on keeping her upper-body strength.

“Handstand push-ups and muscle-ups were such a hard thing for me not pregnant, so … that’s something I want to keep up with, and so I’ve been trying to at least do strict pressing,” she says.

When choosing movements safe to perform during pregnancy, Wagner says an expectant mom should listen to her own body. Coming from an elite CrossFit background, Tanya and her husband Josh share a fitness perspective that differs from their obstetrician; however, everyone has the safety of the mother and child at heart, and Wagner wants the very best for her unborn child.

“I want my son to be able to know who he is … and not have to feel like he always had to be a certain way because of me and Josh wanting him to be somebody or because the world wanted him to be a certain way,” Wagner says.

“To let them just kind of have their own wings and fly, I think that’s going to be something I’m going to struggle with, and I’m really going to try my hardest,” Wagner says.

Update: Tanya gave birth to baby boy AJ Rustin on March 18, 2011.

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12 Comments on “Forging Elite Fitness … While Pregnant”


wrote …

Congratulations, Tanya and Josh!


wrote …

tanya= WOW :)


wrote …

Tonya! You look great, keep it up! Very fun to see your story.


wrote …

Great video! Thanks for sharing. You are definitely an inspiration. My doc said not to lift more than 15-20 pounds once I get into the third trimester.... I laughed. :) Congratulations on your new family!


wrote …

is anyone else's sound not working for this video?


wrote …

Congrats Tanya and Josh! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for posting these videos!

8 months preggo here and I've been crossfitting for a little over a year and a half and CF Level 1. It totally makes me feel better knowing there are other preggo crossfitters out there that are having the same challenges I am having.

I have to agree it's very difficult to try to explain to our OBs what we do. I've been lucky to have a very cool doctor that basically told me from the beginning that as long as I listen to my body, and in his words "don't do anything stupid", I should be good to go. His assistant also happens to be the daughter of my old head strength and conditioning coach in college, so it's been very easy for me at the doctor's office.

For me, what's not so easy is trying to convince family members or friends (ironically, athletes themselves and mostly ones who've never been pregnant)that you know what you're doing and that you're not hurting the baby or yourself. I actually had to print out articles from the CFJ to show my mother (who ran throughout all four of her pregnancies 25-30 years ago, which I'm not sure was as widely accepted then as it is now) because she was convinced that I was going to hurt something if I lifted 65lbs over my head a few times. I got to a point with some people that I just stopped talking about what I did because no matter what I said, it was going to be too much.

I understand where the concern comes from with the doctors and family and friends alike, but like Tanya said, I really think it comes down to listening to your body, because you are the best judge of what is really going on. It's just unfortunate that some people, even doctors, have these all-encompassing opinions about what pregnant women should and should not be doing.

But with that being said, it is very helpful to have a supportive group of people to fall back on, as I have at the box that I go to. It makes all the difference in the world.

Thank you again for posting this.


wrote …

Thanks so much for posting this. Inspirational!! Best of luck to you and yours!!


wrote …

The sound is not working!


wrote …

Great video. Is it tough to take advice from a fat guy? I know he is a doctor and he is being cautious, but doesn't it kind of bother you? BTW, Tanya looks great.


wrote …

Major Congrats Tanya and Josh!!


wrote …

Very classy! I've always been impressed by how Tanya seems to see CrossFit as a (very awesome and valuable) part of life, but not the whole meaning of life.


wrote …

I just want to ask her so many questions!
Two more weeks to go in my second pregnancy down here in GA, and I'm still working out at CF Hinesville (woop! woop!) My husband and I opted not to have the baby in a hospital, and went the homebirth route instead. My midwives are just the coolest headed women on the planet, and they were not only supportive of my continuing to crossfit (while of course listening to my body) but encouraged me to do so with the backup data from LOTS of studies on exercise while pregnant.
I'm sorry, but any man opting to make a carreer out of looking at women's boxes has got to be somewhat out of touch. And any man trying to tell any woman how to birth a baby is just crazy. Science answers some questions (And sure, men can look at data and retain it intellectually)... but nature's got the pregnancy / birth thing allll figured out (and has for litterally millions of years.) Crossfitting through this pregnancy has not only helped me to maintain healthy blood-pressure, heart-rate, weight-gain, and comfort level, but also has helped to literally TRAIN FOR MY LABOR!!!!
I can't wait to see how fast and easy this labor is compared to Murph. = ) And I'll take all my labor advice from women, thank you very much!

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