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The CrossFit Games Open in Their Own Words: Week 5 by Various - CrossFit Journal

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April 29, 2011

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The end of the CrossFit Games Open is in sight, and last week our East Coast athletes met up with Workout 11.5, a long triplet of power cleans, toes-to-bar and wall-balls.

“I don’t mind this workout at all. I like 20 minutes. I like long workouts,” Pat said one week after admitting he hated Workout 11.4.

Yosh was also ready to throw down, though he had a few questions about standards: “Is it OK to use one of those mini trampolines while I do wall-balls?”

Just as many other competitors discovered, Yosh and Pat decided it was smart to only do 11.5 once.

“It was a 20-minute grind-fest,” Yosh said. He was only slightly disappointed with a score just under 10 rounds, while Pat managed over 11 rounds and figured he had put himself in a good spot on the leaderboard.

Next week, both athletes will find out if regionals are in their future. Only one challenge remains in the opening round of the CrossFit Games: Workout 11.6, an escalating couplet of thrusters and chest-to-bar pull-ups.

Fran, anyone?

Video by Again Faster.

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Additional video: Update on the Open: Week 5.

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wrote …

Doesn't look like Pat's toes to bar reps should count. Were his feet breaking the vertical plane of the bar at the bottom?

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