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The Position: Part 4—The Ring Push-up by Kelly Starrett and Carl Paoli - CrossFit Journal

The Position: Part 4—The Ring Push-up

By Kelly Starrett and Carl Paoli

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April 28, 2011

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This video series provides a fresh look at skill-transfer exercises and midline stability, combining the powers of Kelly Starrett and gymnast Carl Paoli. Both San Francisco CrossFit coaches add their expertise to refine basic CrossFit movements with the aim of improving power output.

In Part 4, the push-up is taken to the rings, where the support or finish position externally rotates the shoulders. Getting organized with a tight belly and squeezed butt is essential to hold The Position and allows the athlete to initiate the movement through the shoulders as opposed to the elbows. Initiate through the elbows, and you’re making a mistake that can lead to injury. Proper push-up mechanics translate into proper bench-pressing and overhead-lifting mechanics.

“Now we start to understand that it’s about cultivating this neutral position and being able to externally rotate,” Starrett says.

For more information, instruction and videos, check out Kelly Starrett’s MobilityWOD and Carl Paoli’s GymnasticsWOD.

7min 46sec

Additional reading: Support Strength on the Rings by Tyler Hass, published April 1, 2007.

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10 Comments on “The Position: Part 4—The Ring Push-up”


wrote …

Sick video again guys. Having these models to work with when moving makes everything fit together and make sense.

Also what is the "Liquid" on the tee?


wrote …

Cultivate bias piece our athletes go ahead and for me


wrote …

Does that make sense


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

These guys r the shiz bomb SMART!!! If we don't listen we're gonna pay down the road.

Cutting edge all the way.... Thnx, Guys!


wrote …

Great video series. We all know how brilliant K-star is, but Carl is our rising CF star. Carl brings such a different and insightful perspective from his gymnastic background. I had to chance to meet both of them last week at CF SF. I learned a lot and laughed a lot. To all members of CF SF, I am envious of you.

More videoes from this dynamic pair, please!

K-star and Carl, thanks!


wrote …

As Kelly & Carl have proven many times before great stuff comes from those truly obsessed with performance and seeing continual improvements in their athletes.
Hitting all the details is a big difference that is just what they do/approach things. Always come away with new things no matter the topic.


wrote …

Great series. I thought I knew how to do a push-up. I have shoulder issues - so I'm excited to try this out.


wrote …

Thanks for the awesome info,can't wait to give it a try.


wrote …

love it guys, very interesting


wrote …

this video just blew my mind, I dont think I will ever look at the push up the same way ever again. Thank you for making this

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