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April 22, 2011

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Update on the Open is a first for CrossFit. Never before have prominent members of the community worn ties. Also, it’s the first CrossFit show to become a regular series, and it airs every Tuesday on the 2011 CrossFit Games site.

In addition to covering recent news in the Open competition, Update on the Open addresses popular topics surrounding the Games season, such as judging standards, the legitimacy of top performances and the future of the Games. With so much to talk about, the producers quickly found themselves with extra content. Enter the Update Extras, presented here in three parts.

Part 1 features Craig Howard of Diablo CrossFit, top Games athlete Becca Voigt of Valley CrossFit and CrossFit Media’s Tony Budding. Budding asks Howard and Voigt about their role in administering the Open at their gyms. They agree that while competing is hard work, it’s also difficult to schedule a gym full of competitors and encourage them on throughout the Open.

In Part 2, Rory McKernan sits down with Voigt and CrossFit Games head judge Adrian Bozman. Voigt has competed in the Games since 2008, and Bozman has been on the judging staff since then as well. Voigt reminisces about the early days of camping out at the dusty Ranch in Aromas, while Bozman talks about the first time he heard Mikko Salo’s name.

In Part 3, Rory again meets with Voigt and Bozman to discuss the evolution of judging in the Games. Bozman recalls that in 2007 there were no official judges. The 2008 Games featured the first appearance of official CrossFit judges, and each year the judging process has become more professional. While Voigt normally plays the role of an athlete, she’s had the opportunity to be a judge at local competitions and has come to appreciate how hard judging is.

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Part 3
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Additional video: Update on the Open: Week 4.

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