Dynamic-Effort Day at Westside Barbell Part 4

By Louie Simmons and Brandon Lilly

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April 15, 2011

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In Part 4 of the Dynamic-Effort series, Westside Barbell’s Louie Simmons hits the rack for pin pulls against 250 lb. of band tension.

Simmons, 64, is doing 3 reps for 10 sets with 225 lb. loaded on the bar, and he’s going every 30 seconds—at least until he decides that’s too much rest.

The key to the movement is generating speed as fast as possible. Pull quickly and you’ll “outrun” the increasing bad tension at the top. Pull slowly and you’ll be faced with a grinding, difficult lockout.

“Lou’s the first guy in the gym and the last to leave,” narrator Brandon Lilly says of the man who’s been an elite lifter for decades.

“That was hard, but that’s the way it’s gotta be,” Simmons says after his sets. “To master kung fu, the training must be severe.”

Finally, the athletes finish with accessory work including multiple sets on the reverse hyper and the abs.

As for the rep scheme, Simmons goes by feeling rather than number.

“I let my legs count,” he says.

7min 16sec

Additional reading: CrossFit Strength Training by Louie Simmons, published Feb. 1, 2011.



11 Comments on “Dynamic-Effort Day at Westside Barbell Part 4”


wrote …

As always, great stuff from Westside. Like the whole prep time before and after the workout - something alot of people could benefit from.


wrote …

Wessssstide! Keep em coming.


wrote …

Great stuff. There is so much stuff available about the basics of dynamic and max effort day. It's great to get a peak into rehab/accessory work. It would be great to have a video dedicated to their prehab/rehab.

Best thing is that they have an Ab Coaster.


wrote …

"To master Kung-Fu, the training must be severe." Perfect.


wrote …

More Westside! This stuff is awesome. Louie is great as always but I particularly appreciate AJ Roberts and Brandon Lilly for their explanations.


wrote …

Wow - working weaknesses... what a novel concept. Thanks guys - great video.


Thanks. I like these vids very much and since rupturing my distal biceps tendon I've really been working my squat: high bar, low bar, box (high and low), dynamic and max effort. In four weeks my back squat 1RM went from 305-365 and my box squat 1rm went from 315 to 415. Outstanding.


Darren Coughlan wrote …

Key word there is "Fatigue".

Great video


wrote …

i love the guy wearing a rehband knee sleeve on his elbow. i thought i had big legs until that...

great video as always


wrote …

I seriously think the westside crossed-axes tattoo adds a good 100lbs to any possible lift...that is pretty bad ass.


wrote …

Great stuff, please keep these coming. Very different than lots of CrossFit vidos and very good. Thanks - love to see some of the jump work and sled work videos if you have a chance.

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